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My first week with my brand new Bernina B 720


My first week with my new girl a Bernina B720

This is my first post on the Bernina blog, my name is Michelle Mischkulnig and I am an Australian textile artist and I have a confession I have fallen in love with my splendidly beautiful brand new Bernina B 720.Sometimes I just sit and stare her beauty and elegance.For all my life I have been surrounded by Berninas and have spent the last 34 years with my loyal Berninas 830 x 3.They have created countless art works and so much more and are now in retirement but not out of sight.

Today I would like to share with you what my new machine has been busy making. In my textile studio I work on my sewing machine for about 6 hours a day 5 days a week, my Bernina 720 needs to be work horse. So far she has answered my every demand and sews with spirit through many different layers and fabrics.I  have used free motion embroidery techniques which include lace work to make my wearable art scarves.

A few of my favourite things on my new Bernina are having a longer throat space which is a joy and makes moving larger amounts of fabric so much easier.I also love the way she snips and tidies my ends I am a messy sewer and in the past have spent hours snipping threads on finished works.I have also found the thread tension so easy to adjust and I am constantly altering the tension because of the different thickness and fabrics being used.She is nice and fast and such wonderful super big bobbins which hold a fantastic amount of thread, I am only just discovering all her capabilities and enjoying the whole experience.

As you get to know me you will see I am passionate about colour and texture and how stitch holds them together.I have very few rules and work organically.I believe you can sew on many many materials and should always be observant to what and how materials can be used including found objects.

I have created 3 wearable art scarves on my new Bernina this week using silk fabrics, yarns, hand dyed fibres, water soluble fabric and rayon threads.I stitch them using free motion machine embroidery in an organic style and immerse myself in the moment and journey.


Blue Haze scarf

This scarf has been created by using hand dyed silk flimsie (which is normally used for felting ), hand dyed silk fibres and yarns and fabrics. I do not felt the flimsie but the techniques holds all the fibres together.These ingredients are sandwiched between two layers of water soluble fabric and then free motion stitched



sandwiching with water soluble fabric

Sandwiching the ingredients for a scarf

The new sewing machine and all its wonderful gadgets need to be explored and  I decide to experiment. I use the decorative stitch no 1333 traditionally and as a free motion stitch this can be seen above.The first image on left is using the decorative stitch pattern traditionally the next image I have used the same stitch 1333 pattern as a free motion stitch it adds depth and interest.In the past I would have used a zig zag stitch free motion.I found using stitch no 1333 caught all the yarns into the backing fabric of the silk flimsie beautifully. The image on the right shows after it is washed.

Patchwork wrap 


This wrap has been made by stitching many different patches using hand dyed fibres and threads and water soluble fabric. The patches are then stitched together using a lacework technique. I experimented with the stitch patterns 1355. It was an interesting concept making the patches and took many many hours of stitching As you can see below right I used no 1355 decorative stitch to make a grid pattern.Lots of fun experimenting with what the Bernina B 720 can do.So many more capabilities to explore over the coming weeks.



Sun set Scarf

The sunset scarf was the first scarf I made on my new bernina ,it was a how do you do and  getting to know you scarf.The foot I like to use for free motion  embroidery is quilting foot 29/29c. This foot is perfect for my style of free motion stitch which I use in making my art works.The 29/29c sails across all thicknesses and textures.I like to use a closed toe foot so as not to catch in any of the fibres that layered through out my textile pieces.





I hope you have enjoyed this insight into my art work and I look forward to sharing a technique with you next time.









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