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Quilt Fit For A Queen

I have never been so happy to see the postman as entries to the Quilt for a Queen start to come in. My colleagues and I have been fascinated by the different ideas, images and techniques that have been used and we thought we would share them with you.

CollibeeWe love Karen Collibee’s square made using recycled materials where possible. She wrote to tell us that the bed curtains where made from her late mothers silk blouse. The window curtain pelmet echoes the Buckingham Palace balcony swag that heralds significant events. Karen has also incorporated the figure 90 into the curtain tie back.

The Corgi’s nose is made from an old leather diary cover. The coin of fortune on the dog’s lead is a replica of a Victorian silver Christmas pudding charm. The lead has also formed the flourish that her majesty often has on her signature.

A Wilding postage stamp features on the newspaper dated 21st April 2016. Floral emblems have been repeated and embellished in embroidery threads and a queen bee hovers on the thistle. A monarch butterfly flutters above the letter on the bed.

Finally, the pinking sheared edges are representative of that of a postage stamp.

Its wonderful to see so much thought has gone into each element of the design.


Susan by Patricia Carroll


English Rose – Lilian Crossley


A Top British Bird by Mrs Karen May


A Very Royal Square from Briony Porter


Karen Town


Mrs Julie Hawksworth


Wonderful results from everyone.

Hannah B


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