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Quilt for a Queen 2

Because we were sent two pieces of fabric for our block – one to practice with (very thoughtful of Bernina!) – and I hadn’t used my practice square I decided to try out my other idea of a stamp.  This one would have a photo of the queen printed on the fabric.  The fabric we were sent was a very pale blue and I was worried the blue would tint the image.  First I tried an iron-on transfer method (for dark fabrics) which worked beautifully but it has a very ‘plasticky’ feel which I didn’t like.


Then I tried painting some fabric with a medium which I could then print on my home computer by taping the fabric to a sheet of paper.  I used Golden Digital Grounds but InkAid is another product.  This worked really well and I found out that it has a slight milky tint which meant that the blue of the fabric didn’t show through.  I got a really good image printed on the little square of fabric.


Next I had to extend the little square of fabric with scraps of fabric so that it could be tensioned in the hoop.  My biggest problem was being able to line up the embroidery design with the printed image!  I printed out the design and cut out the centre creating a window.  I lined up the centre lines of the design and the grid template and stuck the two together.  I trimmed the paper to the edge of the template.  Then I stuck the print-out and template to the fabric lining up the photo in the window I had cut out.  Now I could hoop up the layers.


It all stitched out well and I am pleased.  I am sure there is an easier way to do this but this worked for me.  One lesson learnt – be careful where you place basting lines as those little holes can be difficult to try and eliminate!


Another little offering to the project.





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  • Jan Allston

    It’s another tribute to your very special skills Hilary. An excellent piece of work and one which the queen will be delighted to see. You chose a really lovely photo of her for this one.

  • roscro

    Also very special, Hilary. The ‘perforated’ framing is just perfect for this. Well done to get it all lined up, it doesn’t sound easy to do.

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