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The BERNINA Q20 using the Echoquilt- and Cutworkfoot # 44C

It’s been quite a while, since I got my new BERNINA Longarm Q 20. What a great machine, it was a big dream coming true!

From time to time I will let you know about my work with this fantastic machine here in the international BERNINA Blog.

Yesterday, I started a new artwork. Acrylics, canvas and cheesecloth will be used for it. Quite some prints found into the background of this new work. They dried over night and I could start quilting this morning.

First of all, I used the basting function to stabilised the batting and the top. This works easy and fast, stitches are perfectly regulary and help not to move the fabric under your hands.


The canvas I printed on, is a quite stiff and thick material. Good to work on.




I choose a silhouette somewhere in the middle of my work and start to quilt it out and fill it with lines and stitches.


The large surface of the BERNINA Q 20 is gorgious! My work lays plain and straight on it and I can easily draw the quilting lines on it, without pressing the material.



A second silhouette gets drawn.


This morning I coloured some cheesecloth – its ready for use meanwhile.

Cheesecloth is a special material, that can be damaged and spreaded in some great ways and giving good textures to fabrics. To adapt it to a surface, it’s recommended to use a special quilting-foot: the Echoquilt- and Cutworkfoot # 44C.

Some great feature on the BERNINA Longarmseries Q 20 and Q24 – most of the quiltling- and embroideryfeet can be used with it!



Simply installed, this special foot is ready to start working with. The bits and pieces of cheesecloth can be quilted on the canvas.




Fantastic, how fast surfaces change with a bit of different material on them.





There is quite some work to do – I wonder how it will look like, when its finished.


Anyone else made first experiences with the new BERNINA Longarmmachines?

Best regards,

Jutta Hellbach


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  • Tanzy-mom Baker

    thank U for this web site I love the work the personal sew very creative.

  • Pat BMallen

    Awesome work  I am a complete  novice one day I hope to achieve on a smaller scale something as exciting as yours .Just purchased  a Bernina Bernette 79 

  • Pat Mallen

    Your work is beautiful .I have just purchased the updated Bernette 79  complete novice but I will persevere  and  create  something on a smaller scale one day ?

  • Hilary Gooding

    That all looks such fun and so easy, Jutta. No chance of an experience yet, but I can dream… Hilary

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