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A cute little purse



A while ago, I promised to share the results of a small project using the Spanish Hemstitch Equipment.  I promise, the little purse I made didn’t really take that long!




I came across a tutorial for a small triangular pouch, “humbug shaped”  and thought it the perfect application for the technique I just explored.  The seams didn’t need to be strong, the decorative stitching would add interest and that little purse would be great for keeping a few coins in the car, ready for the parking machine.

Well, it always helps to have a purpose in mind, doesn’t it?




I cut the pieces exactly as the tutorial from a few scraps of Japanese fabric I’d had in my stash for a while.  I also had a short red zip on hand too, so no question about what colour lining and stitching to choose.




Though I used an indigo dyed cord to thread through the stitching, I later wished I’d left it more open, to allow the red lining fabric to show through.  Next time, perhaps!




The end result is quite cute and works well.  I had a small label “fabriqué a la maison” which I inserted in the seam, too




In no time at all, my little humbug purse was finished.  Such a quick, cute project is an easy gift to make – perhaps I’ll buy a couple of short zips to have ready for the next ones?



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