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How to Create a Swim Wetbag by Stacy Schlyer

This is a tutorial shared by our colleagues from

Who doesn’t need a swim bag in summer? I would suggest nearly everyone. 🙂 Stacy Schlyer sewed a cute swim wetbag. Do you want to sew one by your own? Read the full tutorial.


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  • Carrie

    Thank you for this tutorial! This is probably exactly (or close to) what I am looking for. My girls are off to camp, and a friend has warned us that swim suits often get lost (although they eventually make it home — they don’t bother to dry/clean them and they come home rather in an awful state). So I was looking to make a simple mesh bag so the suit can at least dry out — but this might be the thing to do instead? Will the suit actually (eventually) dry? Is it intended that it come home and be washed every time it is used? I am going to make one and try it out — hopefully to figure this out in time for camp. Thank you!! (is that just cotton on the exterior?)