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dressage leggings1

My approach to sewing is a bit like my approach to cooking.

The recipe asks for vegetable oil. Surely olive oil will do?

It asks for rosemary. But I’ve only got thyme in my cupboard.

2tbs of sugar. Really! That much?

A pinch of salt. Is that even necessary?

Bay leaves. But you don’t even eat them, what’s the point?

Get the picture?

dressage leggings3

And I’m much the same with my sewing projects. Especially when it comes to choosing fabric. The pattern recommends jersey. I choose a fabric which feels a bit like a swimming hat.

dressage leggings4

And once I got over the fact that my daughter looked a bit like a metal robot, I ended up liking them – a lot.
dressage leggings8

The fabric was a little difficult to work with. I couldn’t use pins because they left unsightly pin holes. On one or two occasions (around the curves) pins were essential, but I was careful to pin inside the seam allowance.

dressage leggings5

And a few stitches come apart after the first wear, so I had to reinforce the seams with an extra row of stitching.

dressage leggings6

But it hasn’t put me off working with this kind of fabric again. In fact I’m more inclined to choose more unusual fabrics in the future.
dressage leggings7

Moral of the story – be creative, be fearless.

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