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And they took a shower!!!

Every once in a while, things start going rough. And they get rougher before they get better!

I was in bed a few weeks back with a sensitive stomach that could not digest anything that went in. (Dont worry this story isn’t about me. Its about Ross and Emily – BTW, they’re my Berninas – the 710 & 330 respectively.)

It was raining pouring outside and had not stopped for 5 days! I did not think much of it, except that it created a wonderful atmosphere to snuggle in bed – which I was doing all the time.

On the Monday after I was up on my feet, I decided to go down to my awesome studio.

I just wanted to start something small, no big ideas. I went down, pet my fabric, chose them for my next project and as I was passing the table where I kept my machines I noticed something.


On my sewing table!

I looked up and saw that my studio roof was leaking!!!

Right on top of my beloved Ross and Emily!!!

It was a quilter’s worst nightmare! I was in tears!

I quickly checked my machines. Ross (710) was soaking wet (especially near the needle area) while Emily (330) had had a quick shower!

Within minutes I had moved them to the house. I called up Mr Ajay Gupta of Bernina India. He was supportive but I knew that in our minds neither of us had very high hopes about the machines.

I consulted the engineer in my Husband’s laptop shop and asked him what they did when a laptop came in with water damage. He told me not to turn it on – which Ajayji had already adviced me – and open it up and let it dry.

I knew nothing about opening up my machine! I looked up a you-tube video and followed it. Numbering every screw that I pulled out and the screw holes, I removed the screws and removed as may parts of the machines as I could. I used the cool air setting on my hair dryer to dry out parts that had visible water. Then I just left them in a well ventilated place for about 5 days.

After 5 days I put them back together. But I still did not touch them. I kept them at home for almost a month. And after a month, I decided I could not put it off longer. I needed to sew!

I called up Ajayji again and asked him. He suggested I bring the machines to Mumbai. But that was not possible for me at the moment. So I told him, I will start the machines and if there is an issue, I will bring them to Mumbai.

I prayed to God for a long time, before I turned that switch ON.

It was Emily’s turn first. She was quick to respond. She was not all that wet in the first place. She turned on and ran smoothly.

Then it was a moment of truth. I plugged Ross in and with butterflies in my stomach I turned on the switch. NOTHING HAPPENED. For what seemed to be the longest disheartening second of my life. And then there was the familiar whirrr of the starting up! HE TURNED ON! I tried sewing on him and he ran smoothly!

I was so relived!

Its been a month since this day and both Ross and Emily are helping me create a lot of stuff for my upcoming craft fair!

I cannot thank Bernina enough. They made a machine that is truly amazing. Not just the technical details, but also the durability!

My machines survived a shower. They got wet, dried and worked like it never happened!

Bernina truly has the best machines EVER!!!

Thank you guys at the Quality Control department of Bernina! You saved my life! (I absolutely did not have the money to buy another sewing machine and was completely heartbroken that my machines were not working!)

Do you have an experience with your Bernina that you would like to share?

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