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Upcyling a very small t-shirt

top1I was having a clear out of my daughter’s wardrobe and I found an old t-shirt that was way too small. Age 2-3 years it said on the label. My daughter is now five.

“Time to chuck it out,” my husband said.

“No, I can make something out of that,” I said, trying not to sound like my nine year old every time I try to throw away an empty toilet roll.

“Huh! What can you make out of that? A pair of knickers?” he said sarcastically.

I didn’t answer but in my head I was thinking “yes, that’s a good idea”.


So, today I made a pair of knickers out of my daughter’s old t-shirt. And I can’t wait to see the look on my husband’s face when he sees them.


They were surprisingly quick and easy to make. I’ll be making more for sure. Such a good way of using up small pieces of leftover fabric and I certainly have enough small pieces of fabric to use up.


It’s a good feeling to take something that wasn’t being used and make something new out of it that will be used over and over again. Upcycling is so rewarding. We all need to do more of it.






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    Great idea!  Our grandmother’s did not let anything go to waste!

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