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A very, very, quick sew.

Mushroom_Ziggy Top_4

With the mayhem of Christmas, I try my best to avoid the shops at this time of year. Online shopping is where it’s at. My daughter desperately needed some new warm tops, she had out grown most of her sweatshirts. We’d been getting away with the three quarter length sleeve and the cropped look with her old sweatshirts for far too long. It was definitely time for some new, long, warm tops.

Mushroom_Ziggy Top_1

I wasn’t sure I’d have enough time to make her much before Christmas, but I couldn’t resist this mushroom fabric when I saw it. And once it was delivered and I had it in my hands, I was keen to start sewing immediately. And you know what? I did. Well, as immediate as I could.

Mushroom_Ziggy Top_2

So, the fabric was delivered in the morning and I put it straight into the washing machine on a cool 20 minute wash. When the cycle was over I hung it on the radiator to dry.

I choose a sweatshirt pattern that I knew was be a really quick sew. I’ve made loads before, I can practically sew The Ziggy top with my eyes shut.

Mushroom_Ziggy Top_6

Luckily I already had the paper pattern pieced together, I made a little Christmas alteration [wink] and I was good to go. Mushroom_Ziggy Top_9

I cut the fabric, it didn’t take long and I was ready to sew. The Ziggy is a very easy and super fast sew, I think the sewing process took no more than an hour and that was it, I was done. Quicker that it would have taken me to go and buy a sweatshirt at the shops.

Mushroom_Ziggy Top_8

And all ready before my daughter got home from school.
Mushroom_Ziggy Top_3

So I suppose you’re wondering what the Christmas alteration was. Well it’s the high – low ho ho hemline of course. Get it?  😉

Mushroom_Ziggy Top_7

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