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Advent calendar 2016 – the 24th door

Dear Readers,

On behalf of the entire BERNINA team and all the BERNINA bloggers, I wish you a very happy Christmas. Enjoy the festive season with your loved ones!
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and your interest in our topics. We are delighted that you read and write along with us here! 2016 has been an eventful year for BERNINA and the BERNINA Blog. We have launched new products, such as the L 450 and L 460 overlockers, the BERNINA 700 and the adjustable ruler foot No. 72, the blog authors have published countless tutorials, many of them including free downloads, there was a new embroidery alphabet by Tatjana and instructions for the new embroidery software, and – what is especially pleasing for us in Steckborn – there were lots of great posts made by you in our community section. It is also worth mentioning the “Red and White” competition again at this point, and the response, which really bowled us over.
Thank you for participating in this eventful year on the BERNINA Blog, as a reader, but also very actively with your comments, project pictures and Facebook likes etc!
We hope you will also call in and see us next year and wish you a Happy New Year!

BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 prize draw

This article is for door 24, making it the last in our Advent calendar. The theme of the calendar is “Everything a child could wish for!” As we want to bring special joy at Christmas to you as well, this article is a exception to our theme. It is, at most, only indirectly linked to children. We are giving away a copy of our new embroidery software.

Here’s how you can take part:

Just write a comment below saying that you would like to take part in the prize draw. Please also let us know in your comment what you would like to use the embroidery software for.

You can enter a comment up to 2 January. The prize draw will take place on 3 January. The prize will then be delivered, making it a slightly late Christmas present…

BERNINA Embroidery Software 8


Our new embroidery software is full of new features that you can use to create your own embroidery designs – no matter what brand of embroidery machine you have. With the new colour photo embroidery function, you can transform a photo into an embroidered image. Or you can use the 3D sphere effect to create three-dimensional patterns. Or you can use the new couching function to turn wool yarns into an embroidery motif that literally stands out. And with puffy lettering, you can create a sophisticated look. Thanks to the CutWork function, you can also use the BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 to cut out patterns, for example for broderie anglaise or an appliqué. Other great effects can be achieved using PunchWork (felting) and StumpWork, which involves incorporating wire.

couching1 katze_photostitch lochstick

These are just brief descriptions of a few highlights of the new embroidery software.

For more information about installation or updating older software versions, please contact your BERNINA dealer or visit A free trial version of the embroidery software, which you can use freely for 30 days, is also available on our website.

We look forward to receiving your comments and are keeping our fingers crossed for you for the prize draw in the new year.

Best wishes,

Matthias Fluri

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  • Madelyn K Henderson

    I have an other brand seeing machine that just won’t work. Im not a great seamstress and I want a machine that works without the frustration. Please.

  • kpbern

    I had never sewn before a friend asked me to take some photos at her sewing group but this experience led me to buy my 580 and made me feel like I was just ‘made to create’ – and so I would like to take part in this prize draw as it would complete the circle by enabling me to combine my two creative passions and enhance both with all the additional possibilities in this new version.

  • Jean Johnson

    I would love to win the new software. I am working on a City and Guilds certificate in design for Craft and Embroidery and have used V6 with great effect. I expect to go onto the diploma and would love to use the new effects in V8 to develop my skills to an even greater extent.

  • Joan Searing

    Would love V8 to update my V6 but alas cannot afford it. Winning would be so exciting. All these new features to play with, I’d be in my element.

  • Shirley Keyes

    I would love to win this software so I can get the most out of my beloved 580 and share my creativity

  • Giselle

    Thanks for entering me/my niece into the draw. My niece is new to sewing and embroidery. What inspiration and motivation the V8 software will be for a mum with two young children. Living far from home this will give her the opportunity to attend classes, perfect her German and most importantly make friends (oh and did I mention, make beautiful things for her aunt!)

  • Lynn cosgrove

    Love to get this to complement my new 790 so I could scan in photos to embroider.

  • riekje

    Oh how I would love the latest version of the Designer Plus software. I have had so much fun with the previous versions creating the most amazing items. And just when I thought that Bernina had ticked all the boxes, I find that they found some more boxes to tick!!

  • Susan Stewart

    I’d like to give win it so I can give it to my friend Morag as a surprise gift for all the support she has givers me with some health issues over the past couple of years. She’s recentl purchased a ew machine and this would just be the iscing on the cake.

  • kate peirce

    I would love to upgrade as I have just bought a new computer and my Version 6 doesn,t work any more. a real problem. if I won it would really challenge me to upgrade my skills along side my computer. it has so many new facilities to have fun with

  • Lynn chamberlain

    I would love to win the software as living in the U.K., our dealers are very far away generally. Earlier versions, I have Editor Plus v5 need quite a lot of practice to achieve your desired results. But from what I have heard the latest software is very easy to use and can really extend the users creativity and allow even better results when using your BerninaV7Software seeing machine.

  • Margaret Clarke

    What an exciting prospect! The new version of the software answers my dream – embroidery from photographs. I’m new to Bernina having just purchased a 790 with embroidery unit in June 2016. Delighted with the machine and what can be accomplished using it. The 2 training days in London cover the basics but there is so much more to learn and explore. I’d relish the opportunity to upgrade to the v8 software.

  • Jacqui O'Callaghan

    I would like to enter the draw because I want to create some small embroidered gifts for the woman in our local shelter so that they will feel they have something of beauty and regain some of their self esteem.

  • Colin

    Being new to the 770QE, I would love to be able to embroider stunning Christmas gifts and really get to grips with a new hobby.

  • Judith Gussin

    I would love to win the software to take my embroidery to the next level and fulfill the potential of the machine. I love my Bernini almost as much as my cat but have never been able to afford the software. I would love to expand my design possibilities in the this way and spend more time with the machine I love

  • Carole Bastin

    Winning would be better than opening a treasure chest! Full ideas, possibilities, dreams, art, craft, imagination and creativity. Joy! Carole

  • LittleOne

    I would love to take part in this prize draw! Imagine being able to create designs rather than just using the ones made and shared by others…. Wow, what a dream come true!

  • MLT

    I would like to be able to create items 3D images this would take my sewing to a new level. It constantly amazes me the creatitivity of the people behind Bernina.

  • Quilter4Years

    How I would love to use this software to increase my embroidery, I love using my 830 which gives such wonderful finish.

  • Tase

    I’d love to win the embroidery software. I’m currently studying for an HND in Textiles and this would be such a wonderful addition tommy portfolio

  • Janice Finch

    I would love to take part in the prize draw! Never have enough time to ‘play’ on my 790 machine, I love creating with the V7 but V8 would open up so many new opportunities!

  • Mathilda

    I would love to win the V8 – I don’t have any of the previous versions – completely new to embroidery – purchased my B790 two weeks ago, just getting to know it.

  • Madelyn Sentell

    Wow, winning the Bernina V8 Software would be like winning the big lottery. I would use it for quilting, gifts, charity and decorating. Oh the possibilities are endless!

  • Cathy Thomas

    I would love to win this software to use it to enhance lingerie I make. It could add such a personal touch, especially things like cutwork and applique.

  • JustWishing

    The new Bernina 700 dedicated embroidery machine looks simply fab. Pairing it with the Bernina V8 Software would be the icing on the cake, and I can’t think of a better way to be sure I can always have a reason to ‘use it’ and not ‘lose it’!

  • Anne Greenaway

    I worked with children for twenty years until I retired two years ago. I volunteer with an education team in our local community and have joined the sewing group making banners to display at church. I would like to extend this work to create exciting learning resources for children in all areas e.g. Hospitals and pre-school groups. I feel the new V8 software would allow me the versatility to meet my dream.

  • Julieanne Charles

    I would love to win this new software as I plan next year to have a go at using embroidery as an embellishment to add to my dressmaking items, in particular children’s clothes for the babies and children in my family.

  • ldomoney

    I am an amateur stitched textile artist, and use a wide range of graphic techniques for wallhangings which are often exhibited. I like to explore all available stitching possibilities on my Bernina. My inspirations include the English countryside and figures in movement as well as abstract motifs. I can use graphics software to prepare my own images for importation to embroidery software. I would like to win V8 because I am a former user of V4, which presented wonderful possibilities for creativity, but which is not compatible with my current OS, and which I cannot afford to replace.

  • Linda Tyler

    Would love to win the version 8 software as I can no longer use my old version 3 which had been updated to 5. Whilst I can still do some embroidery with the free software it’s just not the same. With four grandchildren under 5 there are so many projects I would love to do.

  • Lesley amaw

    I would love to experiment with the cut work tools and the new stump work embroidery to use in mixed media projects. To win this would be so great for my husband too otherwise he might be asked to buy me a very expensive Christmas present. Merry Christmas all crafters !

  • Paulab

    I would love to use the software to design items that could be used to raise money for charities, as well as for my family and friends. I love my Bernina and this would be the perfect accompaniment

  • lourette

    I have never had software for photo embroidery, I have always done the xstitch by hand. It has taken me over a yr to do one in the past and sewing some every day. I have now been diagnosed with cancer and having chemo. Nothing would give me so much pleasure as to be able to leave each grandchild with a photo embroidered on my Bernina B580!

  • Georgie

    Hello, I would love to win this amazing machine. I would use it to embroider onto denim that I used to make jeans, so that I can give them as gifts to the people that enabled me to win London fashion scout at London fashion week. They deserve a thank you back which is more special than just saying thank you!

  • Mairi Flood

    I am entering the draw because I a relatively new to Bernina. In June 2016 I purchased a 790 machine that I love. While I dressmake, machine embroidery is new to me and part of the decision to buy a 790 was to learn how to embroidered with my machine and ultimately do my own designs. So far, I have conquered personalised lettering on my Harris Tweed designs but top of my resolution list for 2017 is to develop my skills further but first getting my two London training days booked and ringfencing time every week to learn, experiment and achieve more. I’m sure if I won the software it will enhance this sewing journey. I wonder where I will have reached by December 2017.

  • sewpeaceful

    Sewing is my Passion, as are my Berninas ?
    This software would open a new door to a corridor of creative sewing… ??
    WOW !!! Could I have the key..? ??

  • Christina Pope

    I would love to win this so that my grandaughter and I can have loads of fun creating things together. She thinks my Bernina is just magic.

  • Rosalind Pollock

    I have used Bernina software since V1 and just love how each version has added capabilities and refinements that users have asked for. V8 surpasses all previous versions! I am excited at all the new things in it especially the wool couching and photo embroidery. Having Cutwork integrated is a big bonus too. I have a list as long as my arm of things to use it for! Grandbabies need quilts and toys, quilts to be made and heavy curtains with wool couched borders for next Christmas.

  • Maggie harris

    Thank you Bernina for this fantastic opportunity. I love my bernina 780 and version 8 software would inspire me to create and digitise more of my own embroidery designs. I manage quite well with FME… but can you imagine the inspiration this dedicated software would encourage? So excited and fingers crossed.

  • Marjorie Kenney

    I would love to win this prize, to learn to make my own designs as I love to make things for my grandsons in Australia, and create a design for my family tree

  • Beverley Potter

    Having bought the 770QE together with the embroidery unit, this software would be the icing on my Christmas Cake in all senses!

  • Stitch Painter

    Having recently moved to a new location, I’m inspired by the beautiful landscape around me and would love to try translating what I see into stitch work. Together with my embroidery machine, Bernina Embroidery Software 8 could be make this little dream come true!

  • Lee Stafford

    Would dearly love to update my version 2 which is so obsolete I no longer have the computer hardware to run it….! Would like to try my hand using it to embellish my quilts…. Love nothing better that to spend the day creating with my Berninas… Best therapy ever….!

  • Pamela Blackman

    I would love to win this to enable me to design my own embroideries to put on the bags I make. That would hle create something very unique.

  • Julia Sims

    I would love to win the V 8 software, it would take my creativity with my Bernina sewing machine to a new level. I like nothing better than sitting at my machine and ending up with something new that I have made, whether it is clothing, a picture, a bag, or just something I am proud of to look at.

  • Sandie Keeble

    Oh how I would love to win this to replace my old V5 which I can no longer access with my new PC. I want to get sewing on some summer things – dresses and skirts for my granddaughter and some special tablewear for a friend who is getting married next June.

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