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How to make a snuggly cat cushion (with free pattern)

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in this blog post you can find detailed instructions for sewing a snuggly cat cushion (with free pattern).

Katzenkissen Körnerkissen

Whether you’re frozen through after sledging or groaning after eating too many cookies – a warm grain pillow works wonders! Especially when it comes with a sweet purr.

 Snuggly cat cushion with pattern

Today on 20th December there’s still enough time to whip up a pretty cat cushion and put it under the tree for your grandchild or any new arrivals in the family.

Download pattern for cat grain cushion


  • 30 cm black fabric
  • Remnants of white fabric for the ears and “eye patch”
  • Cherry stones (or wadding, if preferred)
  • Stabiliser
  • Small remnants of fusible web, small remnants of thick cotton fleece (for padding out the ears)
  • Sewing thread in pink, black and white

Cutting out:

The pattern includes seam allowances of 0.75 cm

For the cat’s head cut out two ovals in black according to the pattern and transfer the markings for the face and the ears onto the front.

Cut out four ear pieces in white.

Sewing the cat’s face:

Put stabiliser underneath the white lines for the whiskers and the red lines for the mouth and embroider with narrow zigzag stitch or satin stitch.

Use the pattern to copy the eye patch, the nose and the eyes onto the fusible web. Then iron and cut out the patch and one eye in white fabric, the second eye in black fabric and the nose in pink.

Iron the parts with fusible web onto the face according to the pattern and appliqué with thread in a matching colour. I used buttonhole stitch for this, but you can use a narrow satin stitch.


Katzenkissen Körnerkissen

Preparing the ears:

Place 2 ear pieces together, right sides facing each other, and close the side seams. Leave the bottom edge open for turning inside out. Repeat for the other ear. Then cut out two mirror image fleece inserts for each ear, without any seam allowance, and iron onto the left fabric side of one ear.

Katzenkissen Körnerkissen

Turn the ears inside out.

Pin the ears onto the front and stitch in place about ½ cm from the edge (see picture)

Katzenkissen Körnerkissen

Final stages:

Lay the two black ovals for the cat’s head right sides together and sew round the edge. Leave an opening of approx. 15 cm at the bottom for turning inside out and stuffing.


Turn the head inside out, fill with cherry stones or wadding and sew the opening together using fine hand stitches.


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