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Sewing Christmas pencil toppers from felt remnants

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions for sewing Christmas pencil toppers from felt remnants.

Sewing Christmas pencil toppers from felt remnants

Three designs fit nicely in the large oval hoop.

Three designs fit nicely in the large oval hoop.

Christmas Pencil Toppers

A small gift that a child can make easily with a little help!

I have chosen to do my pencil toppers in the Large Oval Hoop on my Artista 630 embroidery machine, but you can copy the pictures and make them without the embroidery part.  Use felt for best results as it will not fray when in use.  Small scraps of felt can be used as the items are quite small.  The links to the embroidery  files for download are at the bottom of this page.

The .ART file will stitch a placement line first, then a tacking down line then the design, another tacking line for the back  and lastly the binding outline stitches.  There are three designs for you to choose from.  Make them all and give as a little stocking filler on Christmas morning.   Help the children to make them as presents for their friends.


If using the embroidery unit, hoop some tearaway stabiliser.  Stitch the placement line for the tree.


Place a scrap of green felt over the line to cover it completely and stitch the tacking line.


Stitch the ornaments and star.


Remove the hoop from the machine and place another scrap of green felt on the other side of the stabiliser under the outline of the shape and keep in place with a very small amount of temporary adhesive or hold it down as you replace the hoop on the machine and carefully stitch the next tacking line.


Remove the hoop from the machine and trim away excess felt from the front and back of the shape.


(Cutting away the excess fabric from the Gingerbread Man.)

Replace the hoop on the machine.  Stitch the last outline which will hold the back and front together.


Repeat for the other two designs.  Use orange felt for the gingerbread man and red felt for the santa hat.  If using red felt you can omit the red embroidery on the hat if you wish.  I used red felt with glitter strands in it.

3 designs cropped

Remove the hoop from the machine and remove the stabiliser and designs from the hoop.

Carefully tear the stabiliser away.


Slip on to the end of your chosen pencils and put into the stocking ready for Christmas morning.

I chose a pair of bears sitting on a sofa to hold my pencils and toppers!






If not using the design file, then place two pieces of felt, (or fabric, wrong sides together) and cut out the shapes. Decorate each piece as in the picture at the top of this post.

Place undecorated sides to the inside and stitch together using a blanket stitch or a zigzag stitch on the machine.  Do not stitch across the bottom of the shapes as you need that aperture to hold your pencil.

Links to embroidery files:

Three toppers

Santa Hat Topper

Gingerbread Man Topper

Christmas Tree Topper

©  Jan Allston  November 2016


All embroidery files in one download

Pencil Tops EXP Files

Pencil Tops Art Files

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