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Yellow – Abstract Quilt

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My Genie’s (Bernina Q-20) new creation!!

Today I have tried my hand on abstract quilt.
To me, abstract does not mean some crazy lines with unusual colour scheme.
On the contrary it is a very difficult art form challenging artist’s creativity & viewer’s ability to understand it. So deliberately I kept myself away from abstract.

But then somehow, I gathered my confidence and started doing it. 

Colours are my best friends in the world. I am madly in love with them. I like to play with them, so when I decided to do an abstract quilt, every colour wanted to be part of it, but yellow was a bit dominating. You know what he told me about himself?         

It said, “Being bright, I am the colour of hope, happiness and enthusiasm. I am the colour of new ideas. I communicate to the viewer immediately that is why I am widely used to decorate children’s rooms and their toys. I am the colour of humour, hence why clowns wear yellow. I am the colour of alertness so I am in traffic signal. In Indian mythology, I am the colour of God’s attire (peetamber). In Indian festivals & poojas, we prefer Shewanti (Yellow Aster) and Yellow Marigold. I always add freshness to the surroundings. I am also the colour of precious Gold.
At the same time my little brother yellow ochore is the colour of down to earth personality.

“Pick me up Kalindi, you won’t get such a diversity in any colour.” And so I did.

For this Quilt I used my own hand dyed fabric.

I took inspiration from the organic forms in nature, like a tree’s trunk for example, and created natural forms for Quilting. I used the appli-piecing technique for this quilt. I did micro quilting on manual mode, while big designs using BSR mode 1. 

Q20’s BSR was a great help for me, in making this piece look beautiful.

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Used Products:
BERNINA aurora 440 QE
BERNINA aurora 440 QE

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