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About an old vest and decorative stitches

Something I’ve bought long ago and never worn: a vest made of denim, which is a bit dull. Because we are all using our decorative stitches of our sewing machine for the Crazy Colors Mystery Quilt 2017 , why not these too for making this vest a little bit more interesting?

Of course I will make the decorative stitches on the BERNINA 770QE, with presser foot #20C.

But first I’ve checked where the double seams are, thick and not easy to work on. How deep they go through on the inside of the vest, and what I could decorate. Not much, I just want to make some accents with Magico/Superior Threads – 100% polyester thread, thick (Weight 40) and also available in NEON colors (which I like very much). Thread of lesser Weight could dissapear in the denim, while Neon colors will stand out, and that’s the idea!

I’ve selected Stitch 640 and made the first rows.

I’ve placed them on the bottom back: the facing keeps curling up, so decorating them with stitches is also useful. I have sewn in a slow pace, because of the tickness of the double seams. No pushing and pulling, just let the stitch do the work…

Because I found out that decorative stitches alone were not enough, I’ve made an embroidery motif – with my embroidery module – on a blue batik fabric with Rayon thread. I’ve cut the fabric in shape, and ironed it onto Heat’n Bond Lite.

Then I’ve cut it out and ironed it all to the back of my vest.

I’ve made more deorative stitches along the sides of the batik fabric….

Someting important: every time I’ve started I’ve pulled the bobbin thread to the top. This is the only way I am sure no birds nest will appear to the wrong side of the denim… I will hold both threads in my hand – top and bobbin –  while making the first couple of stitches, or back tacking, anchoring the threads. After making the decorative stitches, the thread tails are clipped.

The back of the vest is ‘ready ‘- even if you can always add more decorative stitches, for me this was enough – I’ve made a couple of rows of stitches on the front of the vest, just to catch the eye, in the same colors.

And added some bling to the back: beads and sequins, to make things even more interesting… especially when light hits them…

The bling up close…

I am happy with my ‘new’ vest: now I will wear it for sure! An quick and easy way to transform a dull garment into an eye-catcher.

Happy Quilting!

Sylvia Kaptein
Sylvia’s Art Quilts Studio
[email protected]

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