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The many benefits of a reversible dress

Frederique day_night 1b


Add a tooth brush, pjs and clean underwear and you have the essential, emergency, sleepover kit. Just wear your reversible dress the other way round the next day.

Frederique day 3b

Stay clean

Spilt your dinner down your dress? No worries, just turn it over and voila, it’s all clean again.
Frederique day 2b

2 looks in one

For catching butterflies in the daytime…

Frederique night 1

…to catching stars at night. Without going home to get changed.

Frederique night_day_b

Neat finish

No overlocking seams, no need to hem, in a reversible dress all seams are neatly enclosed.
Frederique night 3

Travel light

Three reversible dresses for a week long holiday, leaves plenty of space in your suitcase for your favourite toys.
Frederique day 1b


But if you wash your clothes inside out (like you should do), how would you wash your reversible dress?
Frederique night_sleeves_b

This reversible wrap dress was made from a Compaignie M pattern.

The constellation fabric is cabbage from Paul Smith shirts.

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