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BERNINA Triangle Quilt-Along – Block 2


Block 2 Bernina Zen Chic Quilt Along

I am very excited about the positive response to Block 1 of the BERNINA Zen Chic Quilt-Along. Many people commented about how much fun they had doing the last monthly project – sewing a triangle block for this modern quilt. And many are also eager to get started sewing Block 2. And that’s what we’re doing today.

For those who still wish to join in:

It’s no problem at all, you haven’t missed anything crucial. The project from last month can be completed in two hours, so you can easily catch up.

List of materials (for newcomers):

There is a list of required materials in the introduction. Apart from that, you will need the usual sewing supplies. We will be sewing in inches. And you will need an inch presser foot. Tips for the perfect ¼” seam can be found in the instructions for Block 1. There you will also find many useful tips to help you get started on the project, as well as a blank template sheet on which you can plan your triangles.

So, here is our second extra block,

Triangle No. 2

In order to give you a reference for the completed block, I provide again a paper template for downloading (always make sure when printing PDFs that the option “actual size” is selected in the print settings).

Download Block 2

First choose two fabrics that contrast well with another. For the different colored tip of the triangle, you can use a small “snippet of scrap” leftover from the previous blocks.

By the way, what should we call this block? Any ideas? Sugarloaf perhaps? I would like to hear a few cool ideas from you, so if there’s a unique name that comes up, I’ll use it as the name for this block.

To start, cut out a default single triangle from the fabric for the base of the triangle.

Block 2 Bernina Zen Chic Quilt Along

Place the ruler in a way, that the 3½” mark matches the bottom base line of the triangle and trim off the tip.

Block 2 Bernina Zen Chic Quilt Along

It’s easiest to use a small piece 2″ x 2½” of the contrasting fabric for the tip. Attach it with the slightly longer side onto the top edge of the shortened triangle.

Block 2 Bernina Zen Chic Quilt Along

Press this small piece upwards before finally placing the ruler onto the assembled piece and cutting out the upper tip.

Don’t forget to trim off the corners!

Block 2 Bernina Zen Chic Quilt Along

Block 2 Bernina Zen Chic Quilt Along

Triangle No. 2 is finished, and we will need 6 of them in total.

I am already excited about seeing your new blocks and am looking forward to all the posts where you share your pictures. It’s very interesting following all of you in the Community or on Instagram.

I also find it especially nice how you support each other with tips and tricks (because although I am experienced, I don’t know everything and can always learn something new).

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Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Material: 1/4 Inch pressure foot, 60° ruler, cutting mat, Inch ruler, patchwork textile, quilt textile, roll cutter, sewing machine, sewing thread
Used Products:
Patchwork Foot #97
Patchwork Foot #97

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