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Hi there my lovely BERNINA followers. I’m sorry I haven’t done a blog in a while but I promise you I haven’t let time just pass me by. I have had such a great time over the past months, I’m so excited and can’t wait to fill you in on my BERNINA embroidery adventure with the amazing talented BERNINA friends I have made on the way. I call these friends my BFF’s BERNINA FRIENDS FOREVER.Bernina Australia Lou Robertson

In my BERNINA life of sewing, quilting and embroidery here in Australia I have been very fortunate to have found myself surrounded by some beautifully kind and very talented BERNINA Friends.

I have been very blessed with great opportunities to work and learn alongside some of these amazing professionals in our field and also share digitizing knowledge with them.

This blog today will have you reading right to the end with an amazing Giveaway, a Ultimate Prize to be won and great creative content a cross the BERNINA sewing industry.

Sarah Blakey – Plush maker and soft sculpture artist

Online Sew & Digitize Along With ME Lou RobertsonFree Giveaway!

Maria Boncaldo – The Children’s Pattern DrafterWin a Prize!

4074 Community & Beyond with Jane Silcox and Susan Bray

Rhonda Noy – The Sewing Gypsy

Joy Harvey & Queensland Bernina talent 

Craft Alive Logan – An upcoming Event! – Win Double Pass

Bernina Designer Plus v8 LoRobertson Instagram Follow


For those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook you will know over the past months I have been blessed to create some designs with this amazing Bernina Designer Plus V8 Embroidery Software and trust me this software has a lot going for it in the industry! I’ve been so impressed with features of BERNINA Designer Plus V8 and knowing BERNINA I would not expect anything less.

Bernina Designer Plus V8 Facebook Follow Lou Robertson


You know with BERNINA your creative mind can be limitless!

My first BFF I would like to introduce you to is – Sarah Blakey

I am so excited to introduce Sarah Blakey. Sarah is also known as Nazegoreng. She is a plush maker and soft sculpture artist also living here in Queensland, Australia. Her love of plush started while at university when she saw artists making beautiful creations online. Since she has had an artistic background going to university to study animation she had never sewn before but after receiving a small Bernina sewing machine for her birthday and then obsessively researched online for sewing tutorials.

Bernina 830 LE Embroidery Machine

It started as a hobby but at the end of university she was making more from plush making as she was lucky enough to purchase a Bernina 830LE sewing and embroidery machine her beloved pride and joy, she says “It has been the best investment I have ever made and I am so lucky to be able to work with such an amazing machine” She calls her Bernina 830LE machine Big Red!. “Big Red” certainly makes my life much easier and has let me work on creations I never would have thought possible. Sarah aka Nazegoreng uses Bernina embroidery software for all her designs and this is why I wanted to show you how amazing this Bernina embroidery software is and how your creations can be limitless when you put your mind into creative mode.

After all, Bernina is made to create.

Sarah works for customers all over the world bringing their characters and designs to life. She has made around 300 plush toys so far but thousands if you count the prototypes that go into each and every one. I am an active follower of hers on Facebook and I’m always excited to see what she will make next.

She has very kindly given me exclusive access into her Process to share with all you Bernina Blog readers.

Before she begins a custom piece, she discusses the full details with the commissioner. The size, colours, expression and pose are all agreed upon and she gathers as many references as possible from many angles.

Drawing designs in photoshop to bring into Bernina embroidery software

She brings these images into Photoshop where she draws the anatomy from various angles then she starts the initial patterning using the same program.

prototyping   Many prototypes

Next she begins making prototypes for the final plush. She tests the patterns on Minky so that she has the best idea of what she needs to change for the final version.

11889659_1008008199249339_3432714483347533896_n   Embroidery example

She then photographs each prototype and draws over it in Photoshop highlighting what needs to be changed. The process is repeated typically 4-8 times per plush but sometimes anywhere up to 20 if the design is very complicated.

Using guidelines and photoshop to work out embroidery positioning       using guidelines to place embroidery   Using photoshop to plan changes   Using photoshop to plan details


Once the pattern for the shape of the plush is finished she starts working out the placement and designs for embroidery. She uses guidelines drawn on test dummies and draws where she would like the eyes to go and the correct scale. The test is unstuffed, seams picked and then the pieces are scanned into the computer to give her a good idea of the placement on the flat pattern piece.

She draws her embroidery designs onto the pattern pieces in Photoshop then imports them into the Bernina embroidery Software.


From there she traces each colour one at a time using a combination of fill and satin stitches, usually using satin stitching for lush lashes and the shiny iris.


The file is exported in EXP format and opened on her Bernina 830LE where she stitches it out on minky fabric. While sewing she sometimes uses an airbrush with inks to colour elements of the stitches or even a small paintbrush for fine details, this can add a lot of life to embroidered eyes that would otherwise be a flat colour.

Embroidery example   embroidery example for blue fairy dog   4465710247458195149

After the embroidery is done the final plush is sewn. Sometimes the embroidery does not come out as planned, maybe off scale or the wrong rotation so she will remake the face to fix it. The final work depends so much on the proportions of the face so she always wants to make it as perfect as possible.

Extra details like hair, clothing or accessories are added once the main head and body have been sewn and stuffed. Sometimes airbrushing is added to the plush to give them a rosy cheek, freckles or an organic pattern that she could not achieve by applique or sewing flat colours together.

Lastly the final work is photographed and posted online ready to be seen by the client then it’s off to their new home.




 Would you like to join A Sewing & Embroidery Community Online?

BERNINA Embroidery Software Digitizing a-long

My First give away in this blog is A FREE ONLINE BERNINA DIGITIZE-A-LONG! This is something I would like to give to all my readers to show you how easy it is to turn everyday ideas into beautiful embroidery designs. If you are NEW TO DIGITIZING OR WANT TO BRUSH UP YOUR BERNINA SKILLS this is a great way with LOU’s FREE ONLINE BERNINA DIGITIZE-A-LONG!

All I ask in return is that you  join and post your finished projects to the Facebook Group called: Bernina International Embroidery Group (Worldwide) with the hash tag #BerninaDigitizeAlong #LouRobertson



If you do not currently have the BERNINA Designer Plus V8 Embroidery software please click here and download the 30 DAY FREE trial

This is the design we will be creating together! You will learn how to use

Closed Objects, Block and Ellipse Using Satin and Step Fills

Bernina Designer Plus V8 Digitize a-long with Lou Robertson Butterfly Baby Feet Embroidery Design

 But wait there is more!

If digitizing is a little too much for you, don’t worry – you haven’t been left out! I am more than happy to give this design away for FREE to anyone in an EXP format as A SEW-ALONG. If you are NEW TO EMBROIDERY OR WANT TO BRUSH UP YOUR BERNINA SKILLS this is a great way to join in and meet like-minded people that share a passion for BERNINA Embroidery. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO RECEIVE THE EMBROIDERY DESIGN FILE PLEASE CLICK HERE.


This little design just keeps on giving and this brings me to my next BFF (Bernina Friend Forever)

Introducing Maria Boncaldo – The Pattern Drafter

The Pattern Drafter

Maria is the creator of The Pattern Drafter and the NEWLY RELEASED The Children’s Pattern Drafter.

Keep reading to find out how to WIN a great prize!  

I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work along-side Maria over the past year creating embroidery designs in the Bernina Designer Plus Embroidery Software V8  for her new release of  The Children’s Pattern Drafter.

I met Maria around 6 years ago (around the time I was pregnant with my son) where I first laid my eyes on her amazing creation – The Pattern Drafter. Within a few moments of her presentation I could see great potential for her ruler and even the girls around me were whispering to each other comments like “That’s simple and easy”  and “This is great” Making patterns has never been easier, even for a learner!

You can see more and watch The Pattern Drafter on her YouTube Channel.

Maria Boncaldo & Lou Robertson The Pattern Drafter

Maria Boncaldo & Lou Robertson The Pattern Drafter

Maria is about to release a child’s version of her creation The Pattern Drafter called The Children’s Pattern Drafter. Pattern Drafting has never been easier, now you can create your own clothing patterns for your Children too. The Children’s Pattern Drafter ruler is used to make block patterns for a dress, skirt, sleeve, pants and collar, from small babies to plus size children.

We used the Butterfly Baby Feet Embroidery Design I created with the Bernina Designer Plus V8 Embroidery Software and stitched it out on to a lovely pink Minky Fabric and created the fabric into a baby grow / Jumpsuit.

How Cute is this!

Butterfly Baby Feet The Pattern Drafter Bernina Embroidery SewMasters

Such a gorgeous little girl!

Bernina Embroidery Software V8 Butterfly Baby Feet Lou Robertson SewMasters The Childrens Pattern Drafter   Bernina Embroidery Software V8 Butterfly Baby Feet Lou Robertson SewMasters The Childrens Pattern Drafter   Bernina Embroidery Software V8 Butterfly Baby Feet Lou Robertson SewMasters The Childrens Pattern Drafter

Below is this beautiful pink dress that was created by myself and Maria. The credit of this design goes to one of many amazing designs found in the #BerninaDesignerPlusV8Software design library. Just look at what modern day creations you can achieve when you mix Bernina embroidery with dressmaking.

Amazing right!


I had a wonderful visit to Bendigo in Melbourne where myself and Maria had some fun Pattern Drafting and creating some children’s clothes for an amazing photoshoot with some beautiful children.


Lou Robertson The Childrens Pattern Drafter

Here are some of the great self -digitized designs that  where at the photo shoot and have also been included in The Children’s Pattern Drafter Book.

       the childrens pattern drafter with Lou Robertson Bernina Australia

I will be continuing to create great self digitized designs and looking forward to learning more about fashion embroidery with clothing for adults and children with The Pattern Drafter.

The Pattern Drafter Embroidery by Lou Robertson with Bernina Designer Plus Embroidery Software V8   Lou Robertson Embroidery Bernina Designer Plus V8 Embroidery Software  The Pattern Drafter Embroidery by Lou Robertson with Bernina Designer Plus Embroidery Software V8 Back Page Bernina Sewing Machine


It’s been a great year working alongside Maria and her new creation The Children’s Pattern Drafter that is coming out very soon. I am are very proud to be the creator of the beautiful embroidery designs featured on the cover and through out the book. In celebration Myself & Maria are giving away the ultimate prize for anyone that would love to create beautiful embroidered clothes that can fit both adults and children perfectly. Not only are we giving away The Adults Pattern Drafting Pack, and the not yet released The Children’s Pattern Drafting Pack that both includes pattern drafting ruler, step-by-step instruction book but also all the embroidery designs created by Me, Lou Robertson all in this amazing giveaway!

Lou Robertson The Childrens Pattern Drafter Giveaway



4074 Community & Beyond Family Fun Day

Now I would like to share with you how this great BERNINA embroidery software can do wonders and can really get you out there to support your local community. I would like to show you how I have supported my local Brisbane community by digitizing and embroidering some items for local charities and events.

 For this wonderful event I digitized and embroidered hats to help support the day.

4074 Community & Beyond Family Fun Day

At the event day I shared my stand with some wonderful locals Like Jane Silcox and Inga Werber and the ladies from Centenary Knitting & Crochet Circle.

4074 Community & Beyond Family Fun Day Lou Robertson Jane Silcox


lisa baillie 1

“As the organiser of the annual 4074 Family Fun Day, a charity event sponsored by local businesses, council and government, I cannot express my absolute gratitude to all concerned who sponsor and support the day. One such supporter is Lou Robertson who has for the second year running, embroidered our planning committee’s caps along with donating gift vouchers for our major raffle. As most of the event is free, we rely on sponsors to donate prizes as one way we raise funds for the charities we support. Also, with Lou’s embroidery design on our caps, this enables us to be easily identified amongst the 4,000+ crowd. Lou has proven to be a talented and generous business owner, with her generosity not only for this event but also other fundraisers within the community. She is a credit to her community and we are very lucky to be able to call her a local.

Lisa Baillie 4074 Family Fun Day

lisa baillie 2

I would like to introduce to you my BFF’s from our 4074 Community & Beyond  – Jane Silcox & Susan Bray

Jane Silcox is a passionate BERNINA sewer/quilter and has been sewing since her mother taught her to sew at age 6. She is an experienced Early Childhood Teacher who loves to teach and share the love of BERNINA sewing and quilting with others. In her craft business “Heartfulowl” She provides personal small group teaching in Brisbane, Australia. Jane has a great style of teaching people “Patience and understanding in an unhurried way is the key” says Jane. She teaches children’s sewing classes after school at her sewing workshop. Jane says “teaching children to sew with a sewing machine is a real joy to me”! The children have been coming to her classes for 2-3 years and still keen to learn new things! She also teaches sewing and quilting classes to adults in her workshop. She loves helping other people learn how to quilt and to enjoy the wonderful craft of BERNINA sewing and quilting!

jane silcox   jane silcox 2  jane silcox 3  jane silcox 4


Susan Bray (Professional Quilting Educator)

Hi my name is Susan Bray I’ve been sewing ever since I can remember. As a child we had a sewing machine set up in the house that we were able to use and play with. I started making dolls clothes and doll quilts.  I made my own clothes, curtains, cushions and home decor items.

Susan Bray and Lou Robertson Bernina Friends

Later I went to college and gained a Diploma of Fashion and developed my love for heirloom sewing. But my true sewing passion is patchwork and quilting. I have been sharing my passion and knowledge by teaching quilting for about 18 years here in Brisbane Australia. I really enjoy my work as no day is the same. I especially enjoy solving my student’s patchwork challenges and helping them achieve their goals. I have an extensive knowledge of many traditional and modern patchwork techniques and like to find easy ways to adapt these techniques as there are always so many quilts to make and not enough time.

Susan Bray and Lou Robertson Bernina Friends

I have been influenced by many wonderful patchworkers and quilters from classes I have attended, books I have read and patterns I have followed. Five years ago I purchased a Bernina 780 sewing machine and joined the Bernina sewing community to be inspired by the quality accessories and specialised feet that allow for accurate sewing. It is such a pleasure to sew and then pass this knowledge onto others.


Rhonda Noy – The Sewing Gypsy

I am so excited to introduce my next BFF!  Rhonda Noy, aka ‘The Sewing Gypsy’ has been a great inspiration to me and one of the reasons I started to fall in love -with Bernina years ago. I’ve known Rhonda for many years and still I always get excited to see what she’s going to come up with next! My Dear BFF is also another BERNINA Ambassador and has been traveling Australia Sewing on Solar Power!

 Rhonda Noy Bernina Australia Lou Robertson Blog

Rhonda has travelled around Australia with her ‘Fish Whisperer’ partner Joe. Her aim is to introduce all those fellow travellers to what possibilities and fun you can have on the road with your Bernina sewing machine. Rhonda very proudly owns a Bernina B570QEE, (yes embroidery module as well!),  called ‘Bridget’

Rhonda Noy Bernina

Check out her story Here! Rhonda has only just returned to Brisbane but I’m sure it won’t be long until we will see her in the Bernina spotlight again.

joy harvey bernina australia, bernina friends Lou Robertson

Joy Harvey – The Glue that keeps us all together!

Last, but by no means least I would love to introduce our final BFF Joy Harvey and her amazing Queensland talent!  Joy is the state manager of Bernina Australia for Queensland and she is the glue that keeps us all together. She is kind, willing to help and always allows us to be as creative with new ideas as we can with anything Bernina. Joy is full of so much Bernina knowledge and really has an eye for modern day Bernina talent that keeps us all on our toes here in Queensland Australia.

Joy Harvey Bernina Lou Robertson brisbane craft and quilt fair 2017


I attended the Brisbane Craft & Quilt show in October and met some amazing Bernina talent like Leanne Harvey – Longarm quilting Guru, Jane Rundle  – Q20 Mastermind and some of the amazing local Bernina Dealers.

Leanne Harvey Bernina Australia Lou Robertson brisbane craft and quilt fair 2017

Leanne Harvey is Bernina Australia’s Longarm Guru, Teacher and quilt designer.

At the age of 7 Leanne got her first sewing machine. She created a whole range of clothes for her dolls then she soon moved on to making her own clothes. She was that girl at school who was always creating outrageous outfits for the local blue light disco.( It was the 80’s after all ) Her favourite class at High School was Textiles & Design so it was only fitting that when she left school she completed a Diploma in Textile Technology. She continued to sew and in 1999, after her second boy was born, she discovered “Patchwork”. Leanne says ” It was like a light went on in me” She started quilting professionally and has been teaching patchwork and sewing ever since.

Leanne Harvey Bernina Australia Lou Robertson brisbane craft and quilt fair 2017

Myself and Leanne having fun with everything Bernina at the Brisbane Craft & Quilt Show.

Leanne Gardiner (Mount Vincent Quilts Studio) is our Q-Matic expert Brisbane Craft and Quilt Show 2017 Lou Robertson Bernina

Leanne is Bernina Austalia’s Q-Matic expert.

Jane Rundel

Jane Rundle is Bernina Australia’s Q20 Mastermind

Jane Rundle’s passion is machine quilting. She has been quilting since 1980 and works on projects like original quilts, often traditional designs with a twist. Jane Says ” colour is always important in any sewing project” and is inspired by colour, shape and design. She loves a good challenge and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and guiding other quilters on the path to succeed in finishing their quilts on their machines.

Jane Rundle Bernina Australia Lou Robertson brisbane craft and quilt fair 2017 2

Here is Jane at the Brisbane Craft & Quit Fair in Brisbane.

Follow Jane Rundle Here!


Craft Alive –Come and say Hi at the up -coming event!

This November I will be at Craft Alive located in Logan, Brisbane, Australia.

Craft Alive is back in Logan from the 10th to 12th of November 2017 at the Logan Metro Indoor Sports Centre. Join Craft Alive for 3 days of learning, creating, shopping, and inspiration! Get hands on with the experts with two jam -packed workshop areas featuring card making, new patchwork techniques and more. There is something for the whole family with local and national exhibitors. Shop until you drop with plenty to try and buy, and don’t forget to stop and say hi to myself at site 31!

I would like to tell you about one of the beautiful features of the event – The inspiring Quilt of Hope display at the show, with colourful quilts made by generous ladies on display. Quilts of Hope calls on generous quilters and patchworkers to donate their time and supplies to make a quilt or block so we can support children living with cancer. If you would like to be involved, pick up a kit at the show or learn more at 

In past years I have had so much fun at this event, there is really something for everyone. I will be doing live feeds for this event so don’t worry if you’re not local. I will keep you up to date with what is happening.

The Craft Alive team have very kindly given me a double pass to give away to one of my Bernina Followers reading this blog!

To Enter Click Here!

Bernina Lou Robertson16681668_700166660162372_4054528453257509233_n



I would like to thank each and every one of the BFF’s that have inspired me with your amazing products, projects, community, charity and most off all your support. You all bring the Bernina family to a whole new level of success in the sewing industry.

Thank you so much for reading this creative blog, and until next time……………..

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