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Advent calendar 2017 – the 23rd door

Just one more sleep and then… – the guests arrive! Sometimes you are so absorbed in your Christmas preparations that you forget the table decorations. That’s why today’s theme is a quick, minimalist (after all, there are other things to prepare), Scandinavian-style Christmas. As it is Saturday and also Christmas Eve, I hope you have a couple of nice scraps of felt at home. If not, the nearest fabric shop should still be open with any luck. But you don’t need much more than just a few remnants, because as promised, it’s quick and minimalist.

Bestecktasche nähen, Minimalismus, Weihnachten (5)

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Felt scraps
  • Thread
  • Fabric clips if required

Bestecktasche nähen, Minimalismus, Weihnachten (1)

The strip of felt is cut to make a long rectangle measuring 40 cm x 10 cm. This is then folded so that a square 10 cm x 10 cm remains free at the top, and secured with cloth clips.

Bestecktasche nähen, Minimalismus, Weihnachten (2)

Using straight stitch, the edges are topstitched presser-foot-width from the edge. Do not forget to secure the front and back of the seam.

Bestecktasche nähen, Minimalismus, Weihnachten (2a)

Bestecktasche nähen, Minimalismus, Weihnachten (3)

That was basically everything – your cutlery pouch is finished. I decorated mine with a winter/Christmas transfer-print motif  as well because I think it makes them even nicer.

Bestecktasche nähen, Minimalismus, Weihnachten (4)

Now all you need is a nice piece of wood and a few simple candles on the table and your minimalist Scandinavian-style decorated table is ready. Bon appetit and have a wonderful Christmas!

Bestecktasche nähen, Minimalismus, Weihnachten, Skandnavian Living (2)

Bestecktasche nähen, Minimalismus, Weihnachten, Skandnavian Living

Bestecktasche nähen, Minimalismus, Weihnachten, Tischdeko


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