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Easy instructions for creating star applications for your festive decoration

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions for creating star applications for your festive decoration – perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


This year, the theme for the blog Advent calendar is “Festive dining”. Oh, how I love it. Socializing with family and friends at the table, catching up and enjoying a delicious meal. And if the table is also festively laid with a nice menu and decorations, it’s perfect. I chose “stars” for our Christmas round.


Digitize a free-standing application star

You can download the embroidery patterns for stars (application stars), or make them yourself. In that case you can choose the number and the depth of the star points yourself.

Open BERNINA embroidery software designer plus V8.


Go to Illustration overview. Choose the vectorized star.


Determine the number of points and the depth of the points. Colour the star by clicking on a colour in the colour bar.


Convert the pattern, keep it selected.




In the embroidery design screen go to Tools-Digitize-Application.


The design changes into an application pattern in a flash.


In Object Properties, add a cutting line and, optionally, the width of the satin stitch. You can add the fabric, but this is not necessary. 


The entire pattern is selected. To change each line individually, go to Tools-Edit-Split. Select the 2nd line and click wrinkle fill to get this pattern. Go to Object properties to change the distance between the embroidery lines.


You can now change the size, save the pattern.


The embroidery pattern is ready.


Versatile stars made in the hoop

You can download these stars in multiple sizes and embroidery formats. The pattern is made in BERNINA software 8. They embroider very quickly and are therefore ideal for a “last minute” gift or project. Use them as coasters for glasses or cups, bowls or table decoration. The stars can also be used on a menu. They can be used on two sides.




  • 2 x 50 cm of fabric for the top and bottom of the stars
  • 50 cm interlining
  • 50 cm Soluvlies (soluble embroidery fleece)
  • Embroidery machine
  • Matching embroidery and spool thread
  • Soldering iron and glass plate
  • Temporary adhesive spray


  • Load the patterns into the embroidery machine.
  • Insert Soluvlies into the hoop.
  • Spray a little temporary adhesive spray on the front and back of the Soluvlies.
  • Stick interlining with fabric on the front and a single layer of fabric on the back.
  • Embroider the 1st and 2nd embroidery line.
  • Remove the hoop from the embroidery machine, but do not remove the fabric from the hoop.
  • Trim the fabric close to the stitching line on both sides.


  • Put the hoop back in the machine and embroider the pattern.


  • Remove the remaining Soluvlies, the fastest way to do this is with a glass plate as surface and a soldering iron. Alternatively, you can trim it close to the outline and remove the remaining Soluvlies with your finger dipped in a little hot water.


You can make as many stars as you like. Put them on the table, hang them on the light, the candlesticks, even on the chairs. Endless possibilities! I wish everyone a wonderful advent and a very merry Christmas.


Festive dining

Greetings from Liesbeth

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