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Easy instructions for sewing key rings as little presents for your dinner guests

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed sewing instructions for sewing key rings as little presents for your dinner guests – perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Bernina TAfel

Hi everyone, only two more sleeps until Christmas Eve. 😉

This year, the Bernina Advent Calendar revolves around the theme of the “Festive Table”. We have already seen all sorts of great things and today I want to contribute a nice little gesture. I’m going to show you how to make a nice give away for your dinner guests with just 2 days to go before the big day.

Traditionally, Christmas is a time for being with loved ones, when families come together and have dinner around the lavishly laid Christmas table. Whatever your Christmas celebrations look like, there is always plenty of food. 😉

I have made various key rings as little presents for our dinner guests. Simple functional ones for the men and little playful ones for us women, a kind of little lucky charm for the coming year.



Craft felt, leather scraps, leatherette, Snap Pap or Releda

Key ring, binding screws

Hole punch, leather needles if required

I ordered all my materials from Snaply. You are free to be as creative as you want.


First, cut our your pieces of leather.

The simple key strap for men.

Bernina TAfel

For the key fob for men, take a few keys and measure them. Based on the measurements of the widest and longest key, cut a rectangle, adding an extra allowance of 0.5 cm. Now mark the centre and, using the hole punch, punch a hole for the binding screw.


If you want to, you can transfer print, emboss or use a soldering iron to burn a pattern into the rectangle.


The cute bow key fob for women and girls.

Bernina TAfel

For the bow key fob, cut a rectangle 15 cm long and 1.5 cm wide. This will be our bow. For the key fob, we need a rectangle of the same material measuring 3 cm x 0.7 cm.


Now make a bow and punch a hole in the middle for the binding screw. Also punch a hole in the middle of the fob strap. Now push the binding screw through and tighten it. Don’t forget to insert the key ring beforehand, otherwise it will be a tricky job to pull the ring through.


Simple key fob for men and women.

Bernina TAfel

These very simple key fobs, which are great for men and women, are made of a long strip that you can choose based on your taste. Mine is 10 cm long.


You put a loop in the key ring, punch a hole in the middle just under the key ring and insert the binding screw. Alternatively, you can also make a seam at this point or insert an eyelet.  You don’t have to use binding screws.

You can customise your key fobs however you want.

Bernina TAfel

The good thing is that almost everyone who sews already has materials for this at home. Even if you don’t have any binding screws available and it’s difficult to get them 2 days before Christmas, you can make a seam or an eyelet instead. You probably have key rings on old key chains (promotional and trade fair giveaways) or even on your own bunch of keys. 😉 If necessary, you can pinch these.

I wish you a nice, peaceful Christmas in the company of your loved ones.

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