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How to make an embroidered a table runner

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find tipps & instructions on how to make an embroidered a table runner – perfect for Christmas eve and other festive occasions.


Christmas table runner

Being together with friends and family is the best thing about Christmas. Things should be a bit more festive for this special occasion. So I have embroidered a table runner made of wool felt with stars made of copper metallic yarn specially designed for the Christmas dinner table.



Tips on industrial felt:

The beauty of industrial felt is that it doesn’t fray. This means that the seams can be left unfinished, so beautiful home accessories with a fine, high-quality appearance can be sewn quickly. The important thing is cutting out. Make sure you do this as neatly as possible. It is recommended to use a rotary cutter for this. Industrial felt is quite expensive to produce and unfortunately this is also reflected in the price. It is worth asking around. Here in Hilzingen on Lake Constance, there is a long-established felt factory that has a factory outlet. This sells cheap remnants.


  • Piece of felt that is the right size for the table. As we have a rather long table, our table runner is 180 cm long and 17 cm wide.
  • Metallic thread, e.g. Madeira Metallic No. 40, Copper colour. It is recommended to use a topstitch metallic needle.
  • Trick Marker, which erases itself after a while
  • If possible, a rotary cutting set consisting of a rotary cutter, special mat and ruler to be able to cut out the felt piece precisely.

Sewing instructions

Hers’s how to make it:

  1. Cut out the piece of felt so it is the right size for the table. It is recommended to use a rotary cutter for this.


2. I like to work with the Trick Marker. This allows me to draw the embroidery designs beforehand. If I make a mistake, I can just wait for the lines to erase themselves and draw it again. I then sew on the sewing machine along the marked lines, allowing me to concentrate fully on the sewing.


3. This type of sewing is a kind of free-motion sewing. Personally, I really like the style of sewing that is not too accurate because it has an artistic, handmade feel. For this, I like to use my beloved mechanical Virtuosa 150 sewing machine.


4. As mentioned above, it is recommended to use a topstitch metallic needle for metallic threads. The bobbin thread should be a normal sewing thread. It could be in an inconspicuous beige colour, for example.


5.For the stars, I first embroider a cross and then an “X”. Sew back and forth a few times to give it the typical free-motion look.



6. Finally, trim the sewing threads neatly and press flat with a steam iron. And you’re done!





I hope I have managed to inspire you to be creative and I wish you a nice run-up to Christmas with lots of quiet moments!

Fräulein Otten

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