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Firmware update for the B 830, B 780 and B 750 QE

Dear Readers,

Last year, we released a firmware update for the B 880 and B 790. As part of this update, the Embroidery Plus Upgrade was made available for these two machines, and included a host of great new embroidery features. In mid-January, updates were also provided for the B 770 QE, B 740, B 720 and B 700.

Now it’s the turn of the B 830, B 780 and B 750 QE. Free Firmware Updates for all three models are available on our website which you can download and install by yourself.

This update does not correct bugs and does not include any new functions. However, the Midi Hoop and the Adjustable ruler foot # 72 have been added to ensure that these machines are compatible with these products.

Link to the updates

The firmware updates are available on the Support Tab of each machine:

Support tab of the BERNINA 830

Support tab of the BERNINA 780

Support tab of the BERNINA 750 QE

On the support tab you also find release notes with information about the new features and detailed download and installation instructions.

Two important general notes:

  1. The firmware for our products is constantly evolving and being enhanced. We recommend that customers always use the latest version in order to benefit from the best possible sewing and embroidery results. It is best to install the update right now, if you haven’t done so already!
  2. Before doing a firmware update, the data and settings must be backed up for reasons of security and backward compatibility. It’s best to use the BERNINA USB stick for this. If something goes wrong during the update, you can then transfer the data back onto the machine later. Normally, your data will be transferred automatically.

Installation of the update

We have made a video about the update for the B 790 and B 880, which shows you step by step how to download and install the update:

The steps described in the video are largely identical for the B 830, B 780 and B 750 QE. To download the update and extract the data, please follow the instructions in the video. Please note in particular that the USB stick must be formatted to FAT32.

There are differences during the installation of the update on various machines (from minute 3 of the video). The procedure for the B 830, B 780 and B 750 QE is not the same as for the B 880 and B 790 because the menus on the older machines are different from the menus on the new generation of machines. Therefore, please read the download instructions on the support pages and the “Setup program” section in your machine’s manual. The inputting of the serial number shown in the video above is not required for the B 830, B 780 and B 750 QE.

Compatibility of new accessories


Once the update has been completed, the new Midi Hoop will appear on the hoop menu. The hoop is automatically detected as soon as it is mounted. Alternatively it can be selected via the hoops menu. The hoop adjustment is carried out as before, using the large oval hoop.

The BERNINA Midi Hoop joins the Maxi and Jumbo Hoops. It is equipped with the proven twist lock, is easy to open and close, and ensures uniform fabric tension for an optimal embroidery result. The embroidery area of the Midi Hoop is 10.5 x 6.5 inches/265 x 165 mm. The hoop has been specially developed for medium-sized designs.

Support of the Adjustable ruler foot #72

After the update, the Adjustable ruler foot #72 will be available on the B 830 and 780 and will appear on the presser foot menu of your machine. The foot can also be used on the B 750 QE.

The Adjustable ruler foot is the ideal assistant when quilting with templates. With the aid of a small dial, the foot height can be adjusted and optimally adapted to the thickness of the quilt sandwich. The high side of the sole allows quilting to be carried out on all the edges of the template, which is especially important for circles:

We also show you how to use the ruler foot and demonstrate its many advantages in this tutorial video on YouTube:

Good luck with the updates and have fun in sewing and embroidering!

Best regards


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  • Ziggy Morash


    I bought a bernina 570QE in 2016. Has there been any firmware updates for this machine?

  • Susan Parke

    Can’t get the hot link to work for the 830.

    Also can’t get my Bernina 830 to recognize when a hoop has been attached. It keeps telling me over and over to attach the hoop. HELP!!! Please very frustrating. My dealer has closed shop

    for good -retired.

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