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The happy winner of the B 215 – we pass the word to Faye!

Dear BERNINA Blog readers

To launch the newly established BERNINA Blog Newsletter, we had invited you to take part in a raffle of a BERNINA 215 and 10 one-year inspiration subscriptions. In the meantime, we have drawn the lots. The winner of the grand prize is Faye Packham from Adelaide, South Australia. Faye has received her new B 215 and I think the pictures speak by themselves as well as Faye’s beautiful letter which you find below.

“Back in November 2017 I had entered the competition “sign up for our blog newsletter and win a BERNINA 215”. Well, I won! What a great thrill it was to win a beautiful BERNINA 215 sewing machine.

I am sew, sew happy to be sewing on this beautiful easy to use machine with great BERNINA features. As well as a semi-automatic threader, I love the LCD display screen and most of all the bright LED lighting. It sews quickly and with very little noise or vibration.

My husband and I travel a lot in our caravan around Australia and I will be sewing on my new light weight BERNINA 215 sewing machine while we are travelling.
I love sewing quilts for various charities, mainly palliative care wards in Adelaide. Each patient who comes to the Hospice is offered a hand-made quilt to keep them warm and to provide them comfort. The quilt is given to their family to keep once they no longer need it.

I have also make “Little Quilts of Love” to be used in the sad circumstance where a baby is stillborn or dies early in life….a tiny quilt is used to wrap the baby when he or she is taken to the parents.

Thank you so much to BERNINA and to my favourite BERNINA Dealer, Otto from Otto and Penny’s Sewing Machine Centre at Walkerville, South Australia who have generously supported the industry for over 30 years for my beautiful prize.

Faye Packham Adelaide South Australia”

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