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Golden floral alphabet – letter J

Some of my family members call me “Jana” (what I don’t really like because I definitely prefer my first name Tatjana), but well, you won’t be able to change that after so many years.

By the way, I got this name because my grandmother read the book Eugen Onegin by Pushkin when my mom was pregnant with me and she actually wanted to call me Jana. Grandma convinced my parents to add the “Tat”, for which I’m still grateful today. But for my parents and aunts I’m still a Jana.

So now almost “my” letter comes: the letter J.

Janina, Jutta and Jenny might be happy about it, too.

You can download the many different machine formats here. Just click on the following link and you will find everything you need within the zip-file:

BERNINA Floral alphabet J

Enjoy embroidering with the J and see you next week


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