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Working with my B770QE and Overlock 1300MDC: making a birthday present

In a couple of days my second granddaughter will have her birthday: she loves dressing up with tule and lace. I have purchased three different colors of tule: neon purple, neon pink and neon yellow. Found some lace with many colors, in soft rainbow tones. I have already made her a tule skirt once: I will use the same pattern to make this birthday present for her.

The wide lace is made out of two different materials: a soft sheer fabric (Organza) and white lace on top. I can use the stitches of the middle line to sew this lace onto the tule, using neon threads. I will also add gold colored ribbon, for a more festive effect.

The skirt is made out of 3 layers of tule: each one a bit shorter than the other. Pink/largest part first, purple as middle layer and yellow on top, the shortest. I don’t have to finish the edges of the tule, because it doesn’t fray. I will place the lace along the edges of the tule.

Three tiers of tule, like the three-tiered cake she will have! Each tule appears to be very strong in color, but the skirt will be a bit transparent, mixing the colors, when it is finished.

The lace is pleated: I will have to be sure to sew it on with the pleats facing me, away from the needle. Otherwise the front of my presser foot will get stuck underneath the pleats.

To prevent ‘birds nests’ I will place a piece of thin pattern paper at the beginning: making the stitches in a slow pace, assures me the first stitches are even. The paper can be removed afterwards, just tear it away.

You can see the pattern paper: an easy way to start when making stitches on ‘difficult’ material, like pleatedtule.

To make decorative stitches in the middle of the lace, I have used ‘Magnifico/Superior Threads’: a thick, trilobal polyester thread with high sheen. They come in a variaty of neon colors: matching the tule. I have also added gold colored ribbon, for a sparkling effect. For sewing it down, I have used a straight stitch on both sides of the ribbon.

More golden ribbon is added, and more lace to complete the festive effect.

For the waistband I have used a very fine knit, orange (the more colors the better!), cut of a strip of 12 cm. This jersey is woven round, no seams. Because my granddaughter is very petite, I will have to cut the width of the strip, and make a seam: that will be ‘center back’.

I have sewn the waistband with my Overlock 1300MDC: stitch 1, 4 threads, 2 for the lower loopers and 2 threads for the needles.

I have used bright pink threads, allthough it won’t show. Sewing the waistband down, double with the 3 layers of tule. Pinning it ‘away’ from the needle (have to be careful the knife doesn’t cut throught my pins!).

And a special skirt is made for a special girl. Easy done, no zippers, buttons etc. She can step right into it, whenever she wants to wear this skirt.

Doesn’t this look great? We will know if she likes it, on her birthday!

Happy stitching!

Sylvia Kaptein
Sylvia’s Art Quilts Studio

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