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Easy instructions for a last minute Christmas candy tray

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions for a sewing a last minute Christmas candy tray.


  • 1 octagon template, sides 3” each
  • 1 regular octagon in Christmas fabric, sides 3” each
  • 1 regular octagon in lining fabric, sides 3” each. 
  • 1 regular octagon in Soft & Bright™ wadding, sides 3” each
  • 1 octagon, edges 2” each made of template plastic or stiff
  • card to make the base rigid (optional)
  • Instruction sheet and templates here:



  1. Use the template to cut out the octagons from the Christmas fabric, the lining and the wadding. Be precise with cuts.

Three layers

  1. Use the smaller octagon to draw the shape with an erasable pen in the centre of the right side of the lining. Lay the wadding down on a flat surface.  Place the plastic or stiff card exactly in the centre and then the lining fabric on top of the plastic or stiff card with right side up.
  2. Pin and then stitch all around the edge of the card to lock it in place, ensuring you do not catch the plastic or stiff card in your seams.  Use matching thread (I used contrast so you can see the stitches) and stitch on the lines you have drawn.   
  3. Remove pen marks.  Press.  Place the Christmas fabric on top of the lining with the wrong side up. Make sure that the edges and points are matching exactly. Stitch all the way round the edges of the three octagon layers with a ¼” seam allowance. Leave a gap of 2 edges open for turning.

        5.  Clip the corners to reduce bulk. 6.  Pull fabrics and card carefully through the opening between the lining fabric and the Christmas fabric. Do not put a crease in the card.  Use a blunt ended thin stick like a chopstick to push the        fabric right into the corners.  7.  Press the fabrics so they lay flat.  Turn under the open edges to the inside by ¼”.  Pin or clip the turned under edges of the two open sides in place.  8.  Topstitch around the whole of the outside of the octagon with a 1/8” seam allowance, enclosing the turned in edges of the lining and Christmas fabrics.

9. Stitching from the lining side, stitch over the inner seam to anchor the Christmas fabric in place at the base of the tray, using a matching thread top and bottom.10.  Fold one of the corners together diagonally and overstitch 3/8” in from the point of the corner three times using a decorative thread and stitch on top of first and second stitches. Add a bead before finishing off the stitching and then bury the end of the thread in between the layers.  11.  Repeat for the other 7 corners.

12. Fill the little tray with sweets, nuts or anything else that would decorate your Christmas table.

Merry Christmas!

Free sewing tutorial: Christmas candy tray

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    Great idea, Jan. Can be used for so many things and by wringing the fabric changes, could be for all sorts of occasions and seasons.


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