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Sewing instructions for a cute reindeer hat

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed sewing instructions for a cute reindeer hat – perfect for Christmans Eve!

Sewing instructions for a cute reindeer hat

Christmas is just around the corner! But there’s still enough time to make this cute reindeer hat. I made mine with a red nose, so my reindeer is called Rudolph!

What do you need?

To make this cute Rudolph hat, you need light brown and dark brown fleece and a little bit of black and red felt. 

The hat consists of these parts:

The hat itself consists of a strip (the large rectangular part) and 4 parts for the top. Then we need 2 more ears and 2 parts of the antlers. For these, I also cut out pieces of fleece. I cut out cute eyes and a red nose from the black and red felt. Rudolph wouldn’t be Rudolph without his red nose.


I want to have the ears and antlers double, so I pin them around. I also pin the strip of the hat to the side.

I sew these seams with a lock stitch using my BERNINA 330.

Then I turn them inside out so that the shapes come out really well.

Time for the overlocker!

And now its up to the overlocker. The BERNINA L 450 is a good option here. If you don’t have an overlocker, you can also use your sewing machine. However, a lock stitch is of course the best finish.

To assemble the hat, all 4 parts need to be sewn together. I start with the sides first. Here I put an antler and an ear (and a label of my brand Pretzl!)

I then put another of the 4 parts on top (with the right sides facing). Then I pin it down.

It’s quite a thick layer to overlock, but if you guide it a little while sewing, it should be fine. 

If the two halves of the hat are sewn together with a lock stitch, they can be folded open. These can then be locked around again with the right sides together. The top of the hat is now finished!

The strip isn’t on yet. To attach it, you first need to pin it in place, and then return to the overlocker. Neatly overlock around the edges and the hat is completely put together.

Now it’s a reindeer, but if you give him a red nose, it’s Rudolph! I now stitch the nose and eyes to the hat.

And then my hat is ready for Christmas. Will you be making one too?

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