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Small gift bags to sew in a jiffy

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions for sewing small gift bags to sew in a jiffy – the perfect gift wrap for Christmas!

Today is already the 17th of December and we are just one week away from Christmas. At the very last minute, quick-to-sew gift ideas are truly a blessing. That is why I have brought you a fast little sewing project.

Small gift bags to sew in a jiffy

Alternatively, these can be made on a larger scale to wrap and gift things such as a bottle of champagne or a bottle of wine or liquor.

If you are using artificial leather, the bag will look much more elegant and Christmas-y with a pair of eyelets and a pretty ribbon.


The small gift bags can be filled with wonderful little trifles and sweets.

Materials – This is what you will need to make a gift bag

  • External material: such as artificial leather, matte or metallic, approx. 50 cm x 50 cm
  • Internal material: non-stretch cotton fabric approx. 50 cm x 50 cm
  • Vlieseline interlining / Volumenvlies batting: depending on what you like
  • 4 to 6 eyelets, such as 11 mm + appropriate tool
  • Decorations: such as a satin ribbon, cord, or similar
  • Fabric clips for working with the artificial leather


Pattern for the Christmas gift bags

For the record: my pattern is just one of many ways to do this. You can adjust the pattern as needed. The base is always a circle, the size of which you calculate simply, plus your intended seam allowance and desired height.

In my pattern, the markings for the eyelets are already given and there are three different possible heights.
The tallest one is perfect for holding a bottle.

Pattern for Last-Minute Gift Bags – Download PDF here

When printing, please ensure that your printer is set to print “actual size”.
Use the test square to make sure that the pattern was printed out in the right size


Just a few tips before we start sewing:

If you wish to sew a bottle bag, I highly recommend that you reinforce the inner section with fusible interlining. Vlieseline H630 or 640 batting or Decovil Light interfacing.

You can remove the markings for the eyelets from the pattern. If you only put in four eyelets and thread a longer cord through them, knotting it in the middle, you will have a nice handle for your bag.

Either 4 or 6 eyelets can be used to close the bag.

The seam allowance is 1 cm and is already included in my pattern.

As always, fully read through the instructions before you begin to sew.

Before we get started:

Cut each pattern piece 1 x from the internal fabric and each pattern piece 1 x from the external fabric and reinforce the inner sections with cotton fabric if necessary.

If you decided to sew multiple sizes, start with the largest, that way you can always make it smaller if needed.

Sewing instructions: Christmas Gift Bags

Now we are going to sew this gift bag in a jiffy.

First we sew the body of the bag together. To do so, fold together the square external piece, right side to right side, and clip the open edge closed.

Sew together the open edge with a 1 cm seam allowance and lock the seam at both its start and its end.

Now mark four centers on the circular base of the bag.

Also do this on the body of the bag you have just sewn (shown here with clips). It is best to separate the seam allowances with clips so that the surface does not become knobbly.

Lay the markings exactly on top of one another and secure them.

Then it is easy to place clips around the rest of the base.

Now place everything under your sewing machine and sew once around the perimeter. This is easiest to do if you are sewing on the body of the bag. 

It should look like this after sewing.

Now we repeat these steps again, but this time for the internal material. Do not forget, however, to leave an opening in the side seam of the body of the bag.

Mark four centers along the upper edge of the exterior and interior bags.

Turn the interior bag out onto its right side…

…which means the exterior bag will be on its wrong side.

Once again, line up the markings and be careful to ensure that both seams match up.

Then you can go ahead and clip the edges together around the circumference…

…and sew together the upper section in a circular pattern with a 1 cm seam allowance.

Now pull the small bag through the opening in the seam and voila! The bag looks to be in order. Shape the upper edge using clips.

The upper edge of the circle is ready to be stitched together as close to the edge as possible. It is best to remove the working table of your sewing machine for this step.

You can use your walking foot for the artificial leather, which will stitch together the edge quite simply and without any problem.

I recommend starting and finishing at the bag seam.

Pull the lining out of your bag, push the seam allowance of the seam opening inward, and close it up using the sewing machine.

Now, if you want, it is time to put in the eyelets.

Use the designated markings from the pattern for this, if you need.

Thread a pretty ribbon through the eyelets, tie a bow if you like, and your gift bag is ready to go.

I hope you enjoy this elegant companion to a special gift.

Christmas Greetings


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