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Quick and easy camera strap

Since starting to blog for Bernina a little over a year ago, I purchased a second hand Canon 650D camera which was as good as new! The camera enables me to take great quality photos for the blog, of my client’s custom garments and produce video tutorials.

The camera came with a strap and although there was nothing wrong with it, I didn’t feel that it matched my creative personality. I made myself a purple one with striped ribbons, heat transferred dragonfly decals and purple suede. I even added purple dragonfly stickers on the camera!

So when someone I know bought themselves a camera and had a birthday coming up, I thought I would make her a personalized strap too. Here is how I made her adjustable camera strap:

What you’ll need:

  • 1.2m x 4cm wide Webbing (3mm thick)
  • 1.2m Decorative Ribbon (up to 4cm wide)
  • 1 x 4cm wide Slider
  • 2 x 4cm wide Clasps
  • 2 x small Split Keyrings
  • 80/12 sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Super Glue or Stop Fray


  1. Pin the decorative ribbon evenly on top of the webbing.

  1. Set up your sewing machine with the straight stitch. Move the needle over 2 points to the right.
  2. Line up the edge of the decorative ribbon with the inner edge of the foot and sew to secure the ribbon to the webbing.

  1. Do the same for the other side but move the needle 2 points from the midpoint to the left.

  1. Glue the ends to prevent fraying and leave to dry.

  1. Fold the end 4.5cm around the slider’s bar. Fold the end under 1.5cm and pin in place.

  1. Move the needle back to the midpoint.
    Sew 2 straight rows about 0.5cm apart to secure the fold in place.

  1. Slide a clasp through the other end of the strap.
    Then feed that end through the slider.

  1. Using the other clasp, fold and pin the end of the strap on the clasp the same way you did the slider.

  1. Secure in place with a double row of stitching.

  1. Feed the split keyrings onto your camera and clip on the strap.


  • You could use the strap as a bag strap too!
  • I recommend using clasps that have a swivel head.
  • You could embroider on the ribbon before securing it to the webbing.
  • You can make a strap with just the webbing (ie. don’t have to sew on a decorative ribbon)
  • Use small Split keyrings. I used what was available (2cm wide) but am still keeping an eye out for smaller ones.
  • If the clasp can clip straight on to your camera then don’t worry with the split keyrings.

I would love to see your bespoke camera strap, please feel free to share with me!


Free sewing instructions: Quick and easy camera strap

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Weekend
Used Material: Webbing, Woven Ribbon
Used Products:
Reverse Pattern Foot #1
Reverse Pattern Foot #1

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