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Small, but a lot of BERNINA: The new 3 Series has arrived!

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Are you familiar with Annika Victoria? The 25-year-old Australian who lives and studies in Sydney regularly publishes original videos on her YouTube channel in which she shows viewers how to sew simple clothing and other projects. Annika caught our attention a few years ago when she first appeared on YouTube, because she was working with bernette brand sewing machines and overlockers.

We enjoyed her “Sewing Wins” and “Fails” as well as her sewing extravaganzas. See for yourself:

A lot has changed since then. Today her channel boasts a tremendous 716,993 subscribers – and Annika’s sewing room is now home to a BERNINA:

The BERNINA 325 and 335 are two brand new models that were just released to BERNINA-authorized dealers in the first markets. These models are two especially compact and easy-to-use sewing machines that pack a surprising punch and strength despite their relatively small size. Swiss quality is also prized Down Under. “BERNINA and me, this is a friendship that will last a lifetime”, Annika Victoria says in a video.

The new BERNINA 3 Series

Thanks to their compact design, the new B 325 and B 335 sewing machines fit into even the smallest sewing studio and still manage to impress with traditional BERNINA features such as high stitch penetration, superior stitch quality, low noise and easy operation. The sewing area to the right of the needle is sufficiently large at 16 cm, and the freearm makes it easy to work on sleeves and trouser legs.

Information about the new 3 Series can be found at

You do not have to look far for the most important features of the new 3 Series. The start/stop button for sewing without a foot control and the button for reverse sewing are located on the head of the machine, making them easy to reach. Next to them are the needle stop up/down button for changing the position of the needle when you stop sewing, a button for the end of a pattern and the B 335 also has another button for sewing the mirror image of a decorative stitch.

The sewing speed can be infinitely adjusted on the head of the two sewing machine models up to a maximum of 900 stitches per minute. The stitching result is always excellent, even at high sewing speeds. Eight LEDs ensure that the entire sewing area is brightly lit. Even night owls can enjoy their sewing time…

And of course a semi-automatic threader is built in, so threading the needle is an easy task.

For especially comfortable operation, the B 335 is equipped with the FHS function (BERNINA Free Hand System). This allows you to raise the presser foot with an optionally available knee lever and simultaneously lower the feed dog. Your hands can remain on the material.

The sustainable use of resources plays an important role for Annika. The Australian loves rummaging through secondhand stores in search of articles of clothing that she then cuts apart, and creates her own unique piece from the parts. To her, the B 335 is a faithful companion. It offers a wide range of utility and decorative stitches and packs enough punch to create a perfect stitching result, even on unusual fabrics. All the stitches can be conveniently selected via direct-selection buttons. The stitch width and stitch length are then easy to adjust using the arrow keys. The current settings for the selected stitch are clearly displayed on the bright, clear LCD display and can be saved for later reuse.

Instructional Videos

In a series of videos on our YouTube channel, we show you how to operate our new machines. For example, how to combine and save stitches …

… or how to sew buttonholes:

Basic techniques, ranging from how to set up the machine to how to clean and oil it, are also shown in the videos.

More Than Just Sewing Videos

In 2011 Annika started her own fashion blog where she shared her outfits. It was through this blog that she first discovered the vast DIY community on the internet as well as her own love of sewing and crafting. At this time she was diagnosed with Takayasu’s Arthritis – an incurable autoimmune disease. The blog and sewing became a world all its own where she could escape the cares and worries about her illness and treatments.

At the beginning of 2014 she decided to make her sewing instructions easier to understand by using videos and thus started a YouTube channel:

Annika’s Youtube Channel

With more than 700,000 followers, 50 million views, and an array of ardent fans around the globe, Annika is now a successful YouTuber. She has successfully reached many people who want to learn from her about sewing, but who also enjoy her attitude towards life.

Annika speaks openly about living with a disability and about her experience being occasionally restricted to a wheelchair. She also demonstrates that you do not have to fit into standard sizes in order to wear the clothes that you like, and that you should love your body just the way it is. In the meantime, Annika has become a full-time DIY YouTuber and an advocate for sewing and recycling.

We are delighted that Annika has decided to work with BERNINA sewing machines. As someone who works very creatively with recycled materials, she can confirm: “Difficult fabrics? Not with these machines!”


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