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How to make a Ruler Holder

One of the most important tools every dressmaker or sewing lover is a ruler or a few rulers.  Most of you know or have noticed that fashion rulers can be found in different sizes and shapes. Mostly, these rulers are cumbersome and large, they take up a lot of space. I am one of those who doesn’t have much free space in the room I use as a sewing room, so the delay of such things is a problem for me. The solution is undoubted that rulers could hang on the wall, but considering the size and material of which are made, I’m always afraid that they will break. To keep them from cracking and save the space for disposal, I came to an idea – to make ruler holders.

Ruler holders

In my collection are three different rulers, from the same company and their names are Omnigrip non-slip ruler, Dressmaker’s ruler and Curved rule. (I have some more rulers, but of material, that does not liable to breakage.)

As you can see in the picture above, I made two holders for them.


I used thicker felt fabric, but you can use any material, that has enough stability and thickness.



MATERIAL for these two ruler holders:

  • 1,20 m felt (the width of the fabric I used was 0,45 m, 4 mm thick)
  • 2 eyelets and washers (14 mm diameter)
  • thread in the matching color

  • You still need: sewing machine, pins, needles, scissors, rotary cutter, tailor’s chalk, linear, measuring tape, hammer.

These holders are simple things to sew – one part that covers rulers surface and another same width, but smaller, which sewn together form a pocket. In this way, you can see all your rulers, because one part remains uncovered. You can also cover the entire ruler when you want. 

Ruler Holders

Measurements of the Omnigrip non-slip ruler are 15 x 60 cm (WxH) and based on that, cutting measurements of holder are calculated.

The holder consists of two pattern pieces (rectangular), the larger one and another one, that is small.

In this case, pattern pieces are sizes 17×67 cm and 17 x 45 cm (WxH).

First, cut out the smaller part (17×45 cm). Because the width of felt is 45 cm, that part is made so that the width of the felt represents the hight of the pattern piece (horizontal, see picture below).

Then, cut out part 17 x 67 cm, but vertical.

Place smaller part on top of the longer part (wrong side on the right side), so that the three edges coincide and pin it.

Stitch it all around the holder.

Use the reverse-pattern foot #1, so that the edges of the holder coincide with the inner side of the foot and the needle is in the end position on the right.

!!! Reverse-pattern foot #1, plain seam #1, the stitch length 2.5

(the needle is in the last right position)

Sewing this holder is finished, let place on eyelet with a washer, and that you made on a top.

Mark the position of the eyelet.

Cut out fabric inside the circle.

Place eyelet as is written in instructions for it.

I used eyelets with washers from Prym (14 mm diameter).

On my wall, it looks like in the picture below.

Ruler holder

One holder is done, let’s make another one.

The other holder that I made is with two pockets for rulers.

Measurements of Dressmaker’s ruler and Curved rule are approximately 24,50 x 61 cm and 8 cm x 53 cm (WxH).

Pattern parts are three rectangular sizes 28 x 67 cm, 28 x 45 cm and 12 x 39 cm and how the holder would look like, you can see in the picture below.

The big part tailor vertical, it is enough (exactly 28 cm width) felt left from tailoring of the bigger part of the first holder.

Another two parts cut out horizontal, as it is above shown.

First, sew on the small pocket.

Mark from one side (the longer edge) 7 cm and from the bottom 3 cm.

Place the smallest part of felt on the middle piece, wrong side of the first to the right side of another one. Pin it and stitch it, in the same way as above, but only two side edges and the bottom, because you want to form a pocket.

!!! Reverse-pattern foot #1, plain seam #1, the stitch length 2.5

(the needle is in the last right position)

Then pin the middle part to the big piece of felt (wrong side to the right side) and stitch it, so that you stitch holder all around the edges.

!!! Reverse-pattern foot #1, plain seam #1, the stitch length 2.5

(the needle is in the last right position)

The sewing is finished. As you can see, the rulers fit perfect into holder pockets.

Place eyelet or maybe two.

Ruler Holder

On a similar way, you can make holders for your rulers if the above sizes do not correspond to yours.

Ruler Holders

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Material: eyelets with washers, Felt
Used Products:
Reverse Pattern Foot #1
Reverse Pattern Foot #1

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