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Using my serger, even for small jobs…

Adding trims to fabric is not so difficult. But with some types, like Broderie Anglaise Lace Trim, the bottom edge is cut in a scalloped pattern, just like the top edge whith the satin stitches. When making these trims, the scallops are repeated, cutting them along the satin stitches to form the next trim. I am not using these scallopes along the bottom edge, for I need a straight edge, the same as my fabric. Normally I would cut the trim first, before sewing, but now I will use my serger to do the job. 

These trims are cut on both sides in a scalloped pattern: the edge with the beautiful enhanced satin stitches will be visible, but the other edge is used to sew both trim and fabric together. Because I want both to end up straight, I will sew them together using my serger.  

I have aligned the points of the scalloped edge of the trim with the hemline edge of the fabric (Terlenka). I will have to aim the knife of my serger (or set it to a certain measurement) along the ‘valley’ of the scallopes: everything to the right will be cut off. 

Stitches are made while trim and fabric are cut off at the same time. Before sewing them together, I checked if the Broderie Anglaise Lace Trim I am using has a right side and/or a wrong side: the wrong side should be up at this time, because it will be folded to the back afterwards. 

It always amazes me how fast a serger works, using large cones. No empty bobbins all the time: the threads for the upper and lower looper are always there, as are the threads for my left/right needle (unless my cones run empty…duh!). 

The stitches are made with the edges neatly sewn…

I have stitched it down at the front, using straight stitches on my B770QE, to be sure the fabric and trim will lay nicely.

And the back/inner side looks great too: no fraying, no uneven edges.  And that’s how I like it.  

Happy stitching,
Sylvia Kaptein
Sylvia’s Art Quilts Studio

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