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Fast flirty frilly skirt!

Summer skirt

Summer has begun! And with me starting a new job a couple of months ago I definitely needed a pretty skirt that is also suitable to wear at the office. I had just received the perfect fabric for it. A real supple pink bundle of cuteness. This calls for a flirty skirt. A decent one!


I pictured the skirt in my head: It was going to be a wrap skirt with frills. In the summer eddition of ‘Inspiration‘ (the BERNINA magazine) I saw just the skirt for it. This could be my basis and with the addition of a frill it was going to be perfect!

Here is a little sneak peek of the magazine:

Back to the dress…

Step by step

First I traced the pattern pieces. Three in total: front, back and waistband. The ties I cut directly out of the fabric, no paper pattern needed. Before cutting the paper pattern I adjusted the pattern like shown.

The front:

  1. The front piece. The pink dotted line outlines the piece that becomes the frill at the front.
  2. Basis for the front frill.
  3. By cutting the pattern piece several times the front frill emerges ;-). I’ve cut every other 10 cm (4 inches), leaving the inner stitching line in tact. Then widening the outer line as shown*. You can use this as the pattern piece. I traced it onto another sheet of paper, this makes it easier to pin it on the fabric**. 
*  If you widen the gaps even more, the more frill you get. But you need to take into consideration the seam allowance and that the pieces can not overlap.
** For how the frill will flow it it is important to put the marking of the fabric grain in the right direction.

The back:

  1. The back piece. The pink dotted line is the cutting line for the piece that becomes the back frill.
  2. Basis for the back frill.
  3. Again cut the pattern piece several times and widen it. After that, trace it on another sheet of paper and put the center back on the fabric fold.

Tip: Place a couple of markings on the pattern piece and the frill so you could stitch these parts perfectly together.


The construction of this skirt was quite easy. I used my BERNINA 54o for it. Starting of with sewing the darts and then the side seams of the front and back skirt followed by the side seams of the frill. Such a pretty sight allready!

Furthermore attaching the frill to the skirt was, due to the markings, a straight forward job. After that, I hemmed the frill by stitching a small  seam (0,5 cm). You could also do a rolled hem. I top stitched the seam using blindhem foot 5.


The instruction stated that I use a push button to fasten the skirt. I chose to attach two little straps that I can tie into a knot on the inside. Making this a flexible waistband. The bigger straps are attached to the waistband and are tied at the outside of the skirt.

How cute is this skirt. I simply adore it! I love the way it turned out. And above all, I made it in a day. Might make another one ;-)

If you want to see more of my makes and how I combine this skirt with a lace top, head over to my Instagram profile.

Thank you for reading my blog! If you have any questions…please don’t hesitate to ask!




Free sewing instructions: Summer skirt

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Products:
Reverse Pattern Foot #1
Reverse Pattern Foot #1
Blindstitch Foot #5
Blindstitch Foot #5

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