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Mestival flag lines out of a recycled party tent.

Summer is the ideal garden party season. And you will sure need festive flag lines. These classy white ones are made of partytent cloth. I stitched them because of ‘Mestival’, it’s a recycling project of Mestival flag lines out of a recycled party tent. Festival Dranouter, Belgium. 

It’s the greatest folk festival in our area! The partytents were gathered on the camping, last year in August, after the 2018 edition of the festival. We found 26 of these, you can do a lot with so many partytents. We already had different bags and raincapes and all kind of stuff.

What do I need for flag lines out of party tent?

Image of Bulky Overlock Foot #12C.

Bulky Overlock Foot #12C

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Image of BERNINA 710.


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Watch this tutorial to find out what you can do with the bulky overlock foot:

Let’s start by cutting a 33 cm strip of the folded partytent.

The pattern for a flag is easy from a standard printer sheet of paper. A triangle is easy to make by folding one short side in two and marking this point. Then I put lines from that point to both the corners of the other side.

Machine settings:

Switch between the straight stitch (stitchlength 4) en vari-overlockstitch nr 3 in your machine. Watch the picture to see the settings (with needle position left):

Start with a 50 à 60 cm loose end of the cord. Fold about 1,25 cm of the short side of the triangle over the cord as a seam allowance and put it under the presserfoot.

Start then with a straight stitch to secure both ends and stitch the rest with the vari-overlocksteek till the other end of the triangle. The vari-overlockstitch goes through the cord. The flags will stay nicely in place in the end.

Again at the end, I do a 2 cm secure straight stitch.

What distance do you choose for the next flag? I don’t measure, I watch the end of the machine plate 🙂 

In this way I can easily stitch all flags to a long line.

Look how nice they flutter in the wind. I want to fill the whole garden and enjoy them all summer.

Mestival flag lines out of a recycled party tent.

Let the guests come in at last, with Mestival flag lines out of a recycled party tent.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Material: 3 or 4 mm cord, partytent cloth, plastic
Used Products:
Bulky Overlock Foot #12C
Bulky Overlock Foot #12C

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