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I went to a festival and I took… my BERNINA’s

It really happened! Mestival is the name of a recycling project of Festival Dranouter. Read all about it in this blog post! So I went to a festival and I took… my BERNINA’s

Festival Dranouter (B) takes place in the first weekend of August. It has great interest in the environment impact of the festival. They were enthusiast about my proposition of January 2018 to start a recycling project with campingfindings.

So in August 2018 we collected camping tents and partytents after the festival.

August 3 and 4, 2019 we volunteered Mestival with 5 persons, amongst us 4 seamstresses with sewing machine!

I went to a festival and I took... my BERNINA's

I went to a festival and I took... my BERNINA's

I went to a festival and I took... my BERNINA's

In March and July we prepared the recycling project with 36 volunteers to upcycle the material and we made backpacks, raincapes, car-playmats, handbags, flaglines…


The pupils of 3 classes of the section ‘Fashion and creation’ of a secondary school in Ieper (B) were involved. They each worked on their own project and made up patterns and description. The teachers linked it to subjects as environmental problems and sustainability.

Four of these blog posts (sorry, in Dutch) were on the blog for The Netherlands / Belgium. The fifth is in English and was on the UK blog:

  1. Een trendy handtasje
  2. De veilige zomerrugzak
  3. De ultieme man-bag
  4. Een autobaan-speelmat
  5. Mestival flag lines

I didn’t dare to take my BERNINA 710 . What would happen in case of rain? There’s the dust on a dry summerday. And leaving the machine in a container at night…

I decided to take 2 vintage machines :

Hanne used the BERNINA 1090. It was my first BERNINA, bougth in 1991. One of the first electronic BERNINA machines. I discovered the kneelever, the easy function of the kickback function of the pedal, using needle positions. I made hundres of garments for our family.

I went to a festival and I took... my BERNINA's

Thanks to Laurens Charlet photography

The BERNINA 717 was a gift from a friend in 2017 (saved from throwing away), I used it in a theatre walk (playing 1967) with a sewing scene.

This is still a reliable working horse! To my surprise I could use the binder nr 87  (with a smaller screw to fix it) to stitch a 100m of flaglines. Don’t underestimate the old machines!

I went to a festival and I took... my BERNINA's

What happened to the 100 gadges we had? We had Dominiek, our enthusiast salesman. He sold about half of the stuff we offered.  The profit goes to the environment projects of Festival Dranouter. 

Thanks to Laurens Charlet photography

We had so many interested reactions. Some persons contacted us to help the project in the future, to work on it in other settings. Some asked us to join the team in further initiatives.

But it stays a unique recycling project for only the festival edition 2019. We don’t want people to think that leaving stuff is OK, because volunteers will do something useful with it.

Mestival 2019 was a very interesting experience, thanks to all volunteers and to Festival Dranouter for having us! Nice memories! I went to a festival and I took… my BERNINA’s

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: A week or more
Used Material: biastape, partytent, tent
Used Products:
Binder Attachment for Pre-Folded Bias Tape #87
Binder Attachment for Pre-Folded Bias Tape #87

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