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Style hack for garments made of lightweight fabric

My mother has a nice summer skirt. Still she didn’t wear it often, because she has no trust in it. What if you’re afraid that the skirt sticks to you legs when standing up after being seated for a while? Even while wearing an underskirt of lining fabric, she thinks the fabric needs weight. Here’s Style hack for garments made of lightweight fabric

Can you see how it blows in the wind?

“Bea, what can we do?”

I thought of a solution I had some years ago, for a tunic made of synthetic fabric. It sticked to my body, because of static electricity while wearing it.

Some heavy metal buttons were the solution. I sewed them as a decoration along the seam.

Let the same trick be useful today! I’m sure it will work well.

I used Button-sew-on-foot nr 18

You can find some more information about the presserfoot in this video:

After checking dimensions, I decreased the stitch width to 3.

It is useful to disengage the feed dogs for sewing buttons.

8 buttons were stitched along the seam of the skirt. 

For a stable sewing, I placed them straight on the dividing seam. The seam is stronger than the fabric in between.

By pressing the button ‘end of stitch combination’, the machine automatically cuts the thread when finishing. Push it before the end of the stitch combination has finished.

The skirt will be worn with much more confidence!

Tell me, is it a smart solution, this Style hack for garments made of lightweight fabric?

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Material: buttons, lightweight fabric, metal buttons, synthetic fabric
Used Products:
Button Sew-On Foot #18
Button Sew-On Foot #18

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