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Summer project with 6 Boats: the fourth

Today Boat nr. 4: download the free Paper Piecing pattern HERE. Print it at 100%/actual size.

Cut paper templates, the same way you did with the previous boats. I have placed them in the same order as with the paper piecing pattern, to make sure I’ve got them all. 

Finding fabrics: again, I have used the Fossil Ferns: this time a very dark purple for the water…

Place the paper templates on the wrong side of the fabrics and cut them. As you can see, I always cut fabrics overly large, because I want to be sure they cover the sections well. 

Glueing fabric 1 onto section 1, again using the Bohin Glue Pen glue. Remember this is the only fabric that’s not sewn on.

Working with the Add-a-Quarter liniaal, place the folding template on the solid line, and fold the paper back. Push the Add-a-Quarter ruler against this, and cut the extra fabric, leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  When working with a regular quilting ruler, use 1/4 inch of 0,5cm for seam allowance. Before bringing the pattern and fabrics to my sewing machine, I have used Bohin Glue Pen again, to glue both fabrics together.

Fabric 2 is placed under fabric 1, sewing on the solid line between 1 and 2. Remember to begin a few stitches before the line, and end a few stitches beyond the line. Also reduce the stitch length: more perforations in the paper makes it much easier, tearing the paper away in the end.

Working on My BERNINA 770QE, sewing, folding the fabric back to the right side, ironing, and cutting back the seam allowance. With all sections!

And my block is ready: the back is showing all stitches and the extra fabrics over the edges. 

This is my block after cutting it back to the right size, seam allowances included.

Next time Boat 5: enjoy and see you then!  

Sylvia Kaptein

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  • Sylvia Kaptein

    cutting paper templates is just to be sure the fabric are precut to the right size, which is done from a different piece of paper.  The paper piecing pattern itself is used to sew the fabrics on to. But of you want to do it differently thats ok


    • Yolande Audon

      I  just look again and realise i use the same method than you.  I did a lot of dear jane blocks this way.

      But i never cut the paper before. Sorry for my wrong answer.


  • Yolande Audon


    i used to sew a lot of paper piecing  blocks and i never cut the paper into pieces.

    i just start assembling number 1 to 2   Then press and progress adding  each color previously Cut to finish adding  the last number . Some paperblocks  need to be prepared  and be cut in 2 parts and sewed separatly then sewed again.

    sorry for my poor english


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