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Easy instructions for an embroidered star decoration (with free embroidery template)

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find easy instructions for an embroidered star decoration (with free embroidery template) – perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

Sparkling stars


As we have 3 cats we use at least 6 pouches of cat food every day and the inside of all makes are a nice sparkling silver. So having already made flowers to put on a light garland what else could I do with them? (Obviously they are well washed before use!)

The only limitation is their size so stars seemed a good idea using the silver side of the cat food pouches and scraps of organza.

If you don’t have cat food pouches the insides of crisp packets work as well, or try other foiled paper.

A single star will fit into the medium 130×100 hoop. Two will fit into the large oval hoop 255 x 145.

Click this link to download the embroidery design. sparkling star  It is a zip file so right click on it and then select ‘extract all.’


Cat food pouches, or Crisp packets, or scraps of silvered foiled paper or fabric.

Scraps of organza or net.

Water-soluble stabiliser

Glue to glue cat food pouches together, i.e. Pritt glue stick, PVA glue or any glue that works.

Fabric glue stick

Scotch tape.

Embroidery thread




Washed cat food pouch



Cut cat food pouch open and into two pieces (as large as possible.) Using Pritt stick or PVA glue (or any glue that works,), glue the two colour sides of the pouch together so that you have silver on both sides. Leave until completely dry.



Hoop water-soluble stabiliser ( I prefer the fabric type) and stitch first colour; the placement line.


Remove the hoop from the embroidery machine and without displacing the stabiliser in the hoop put some spots of fabric glue around the star outline on the stabiliser. Lay a piece of organza or net on top of this outline.


Place the cat food pouch sandwich and lay over the organza and star outline holding in place with the fabric glue. Play the final piece of organza over the top. Hold in the whole sandwich in place with some scotch tape.


Reattach the hoop to the embroidery machine and stitching slowly to start with. stitch outline of star and the rest of the embroidery. 


Remove from the hoop and cut out the star using a sharp cutting knife and a ruler and cutting mat. I cut about 2mm outside the stitched edge.


Star is complete. To hang thread a transparent thread into a sharp needle and pass through the point of the star.


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    I’m sure this post will be helpful to many who don’t know what to do. Thank you for the foresight to conceptualize this post, and the bravery and strength to see it through.jack

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