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Happy New Year, wishing you a lot of creativity for 2020!

The year 2019 has flown by with so many creative and interesting posts on the BERNINA Blog. And much, much more is coming in 2020.

Looking at the reviews and questions, on my own posts (Dutch and English/International), but also from my colleagues, it is sometimes overwhelming how wonderful the comments are, and we are also very happy about questions and requests for special topics: thank you all very much – we hope to inspire you in the new year with fun and special projects and please, keep asking if you want something explained or made. 

My schedule for next year is already made:
having my own company Sylvia’s Art Quilts Studio, gives me the freedom to design myself. My theme for 2020 will be ‘Red White Grey Black’*: a year filled with techniques and projects in these colors and hues in fabrics and (machine) threads. Much will be accompanied with (sometimes free) patterns, or references to a quilt book will be added. I will use my own designs as much as possible, using my BERNINA machines and BERNINA (embroidery) software. The reason for this color theme is: changing my own (fairly large) bedroom, which I’ve wanted for a long time. I will need to change everything, making quilts, pillows, wall hangings, ornaments etc. I will make projects per season, and even for Red Letter days, of course, which will be fun designs.

Patchwork – paper piecing or different techniques, machine appliqué, Stitchery, Cross Stitch (machine): it’s all on my to-do list. 

Small projects will be made too: not everyone can use a large quilt or large applique/embroidery wallhanging, so often multiple options will be given. And for Christmas, my plans are to start early and design ornaments… Oh, so little time and so much to do!

The lessons for working with the BERNINA Embroidery Software V8 will continue of course, starting again in January: the last lesson was nr. 32, so much more to come.

There are still many topics, options and features to explain with V8: this extensive embroidery software is so much fun to work with, once you understand it all.

I will also be working with CutWork and PaintWork from BERNINA: this special software has a lot to offer too, for making fun projects, in my case combining it with quilting. 

Different techniques will be shown, working with quilt fabrics and special quilt tools, and using your BERNINA machine to the fullest (especially if you own the B770QE, which is the machine I am working with). There is so much already ON your machine, which a lot of owners don’t know or don’t use at all.

Apart from it, I will be also working with different colors and materials, for I am often making projects for other persons, on commission or just for fun. Cross stitch items in quilts, garments and hoodies… I like to try as many techniques and materials as possible, just because I love to do so. And you will all benefit from that.

My mannequin Annabelle will be helping’ me this year too, for she can assist me while making shirts, hoodies, jackets etc. But sometimes I am using her too when making accessories for my home: she is a very large pin cushion, pinning small objects and ornaments. She doesn’t mind, when I need to put something away for a while… haha: my silent helper!

So, personally, I think it will be a wonderful creative and busy year, with lots to do. I hope you will join me and other Bloggers too, for we are working very hard to present lots of projects to you. So clean your machine(s), and check your computer often, for we will do our utmost to inspire you in 2020.

Thanks to BERNINA for this Blog, thank you readers for your enthusiasm and comments. See you in 2020!

Happy New Year!
Sylvia Kaptein


*It is entirely up to you to use red, white, grey and black materials: you can use your own color scheme if you want to. Use my coming projects as you like! 

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