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Sewing a bread & bun basket

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in this blog post you can find easy instructions for sewing an easy bread & bun basket.

Sewing a bread & bun basket

As a passionate baker of breads and rolls, I am coming to you today with an issue that has long bothered me: How do I store my bread after baking so that it stays delightfully fresh and how can I transport it to the table.

Of course, I could buy practically anything my heart desires. But the idea of sustainability was on my mind. I would really prefer to sew something out of my fabric remnants before I buy something new. I thought about it for a long time until the idea suddenly hit me.

As I went to hand my mother-in-law a freshly baked loaf of bread and did not have a container on hand, I spontaneously grabbed a rope basket I had sewn with instructions from Dominique (offered in German language). The bread fit perfectly inside it and the idea for the following bread basket was born. 


  • Rope basket following these instructions
  • Depending on the size of your basket, at least 0.5 m of material
  • Beeswax
  • 1 m braid or cord


First, I spread the beeswax onto the material. There are numerous tutorials on this on the internet. Such as this one from Snaply (offered in German language). Because of the wax, the bread does not lose its moisture as quickly and it stays fresh longer. Using the waxed fabric, sew a fabric basket that is a little larger than the rope basket. To achieve a consistently round base, I cut around a plate that is roughly the correct size. 

Using the formula of diameter x 3.18, I determine the circumference and cut out 10 cm more than the rope basket and sew it to the base.

In the upper edge I sew a small tunnel through which I will later pull a drawstring.

I place the fabric basket with the left side into the rope basket and pull the material outwardly.

Inside, the rolls or the bread will now have room and be beautifully presented at the dining table.

After eating, the turned-down material is pulled back up and closed with the cord. The basket is now air-tight when closed, keeping the bread fresh for a long time.

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