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Sewing a delightful deco gift basket

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find easy instructions for sewing a delightful deco gift basket – perfect for Christmas or other festive events!

Delightful Deco Gift Basket

Delightful Deco Gift Basket


Easy to make gift basket which will delight the recipient when they untie the ribbons and discover what you have placed inside for them.


8.25” x 8.25” card – use two thicknesses of cereal packet glued together.

Two pieces of cereal packet card glued together

What you need as well as the card.

Craft knife for scoring the card

Pencil, ruler

2 x 8.75” x 9” fabrics in contrasting colours – I had some left over from another Christmas project.  You could use any scrap fabrics or pieces of clothing that is no longer wearable because of wear and tear in parts.

Sewing thread

1 metre narrow ribbon (1/8” is good) – I used a piece from one of last year’s Christmas cards.

4 jump rings 4mm diameter



Draw lines on the card 2.75” apart from each other in both directions on both sides in exactly the same places.

Draw a diagonal line in each of the corner squares from outer point to inside intersection on one side only.

Drawn lines on card as guides for scoring with craft knife.

Gently score all these lines – score the lines going across the card on one side  Do not cut right through the card.  Turn the card over over and score  the diagonals on the other side with the drawn diagonal lines on it.  Fold the card on the score lines so that it sits with the four corners pointing upwards.  Flatten it out again.

Card with folds shown.

Using matching threads top and bottom, stitch the two fabrics to each other, right sides together on three sides, leaving one of the 9.25” sides open.  Use a ¼” seam allowance.

1/4″ seam allowance. Use no 37 or no 57 patchwork foot.

Clip the corners to reduce bulk.

Fold open edges 1/2″ to inside and press.  Turn the bag the right way out and poke the corners to make them sit properly.   Use a blunt stick to do this.  A pencil end, chopstick, paintbrush end or coffee stirrer will do.  Do not use anything sharply pointed as it will go through the fabrics.

Turned right way out and corners nice and sharp.

Insert the card into the bag with the upturned corners touching the fabric you chose for the lining.  

Card inserted into bag with lining showing on top here. 

Pull the folded open edges up above the edge of the card and pin together, avoiding catching in the top of the card. 

Topstitch using threads in the same colours as the fabrics.

Sew one jump ring on to each of the four corners. 

Jump ring sewn to corner of box.

Thread the ribbon through all the jump rings as shown here. 

Ribbon threaded through jump rings.

Tie the ribbon in a pretty bow once you have gathered the four corners together at the top.  Fill with something suitable for the recipient.

Delightful Deco basket filled with presents ready to give to a friend at Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!


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