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Big shopper with big embroidery design

What started as a trial to try out a large embroidery design ended up as a big shopper. Logical? Well, I don’t like to discard projects I created so I create a new project around it. Never done;-)

Embroidery design

I am getting more and more familiar with the embroidery module of my B540 so I dared to try a bigger design. A design that immediately appealed to me. Sturdy and lovely at the same time, with lots of color.

You can purchase the design here:

Once transferred to the machine with an USB stick I selected the colors which I wanted to make the design with. To do this, you go to the painters palette icon and select the color for each numbered ‘layer’. You can skip this step and simply choose the color while embroidering. I think it is useful to see how the result will be beforehand.

The design is approx. 14×18 cm and fits in the midi hoop. You can reduce or enlarge the design slightly, but by no more than 15-20%. Otherwise the design might no longer be beautifully embroidered. Before embroidering, I first put the stabilizer into the embroidery hoop and then glue the fabric on it by spraying the stabilizer with glue. Just like I did here before embroidering a leather jacket.

Let the fun begin!

It still is like painting with thread! In 25 layers. A little summary:

After the embroidery is done I clip some loose threads and remove the tear-away stabilizer as much as possible.

How nice would this design be on a denim jacket ?! It is a shame not to do anything with this. So I went into my fabric supply to dug up some fabrics to combine this design with. 

This combination was perfect for the big shopper it was going to be (for when we can go shopping again ;-)). An old pair of jeans and a remnant piece of canvas with a large floral print. The colors fit perfectly.

Big Shopper

The dimensions of the bag are 40x50x12 cm, the bag is lined and there is fiber fill in the front and back of the bag for strength.


  • sturdy fabric for the outside
    • 40×50 cm (2x; front and back)
    • 130×12 cm (or 2x 40×12 and 1x 50×12; for the side and bottom)
    • 60×6 cm (2x; for the handles)
  • thinner fabric for the lining
    • 40×50 cm (2x)pc
    • 130×12 (1x)
  • fiber fill
    • 40×50 cm (2x)

The front of my version consists of the two fabrics. While keeping the side seam of the jeans and using the print of the canvas, I sewed the two pieces together. 

Then I stitched on the back pocket. The pocket was cut out of the paint with a seam allowance of 1 cm. First I sewed the top edge of the bag right sides together and then topstitched over the outer stitching with the seam folded inwards. Be careful not to stitch the bag shut.

The embroidered fabric became the second pocket. As fun details, the waistband of the jeans is used. 

Construction of the bag

With the front ready, the bag was assembled further. The front and back together with the fiber fill  are attached to the sides and bottom. Repeated this for the lining. I made the lining bag from my hubby’s discarded shirts and the jeans. Now I have two bags. They are put together right sides together and then sewn at the top. I left about 15 cm open to turn the bag.

After turning I closed the hole by top stitching it narrow on the side. I stitched the entire top edge at 1.5 cm. Then I stitched the sides and bottom edges at about 0.5 cm for firmness. I had already started this before turning, but I realized that it’s better to do this after turning. Learning by doing!


The handles are fully top stitched with the seam allowance folded inwards and attached to the inside of the bag approximately 8 cm from the center on each side. I made one handle with denim and one with canvas.


Oh no, not yet. Something was missing. The white of the embroidery bag was very white … To break this I added some Sashiko embroidery by hand. I used pink crochet cotton and because I had to go through many layers of fabric in some places, I used pliers to have a better grip on the needle. . Finally, I added my own label. Now it’s done!

It can rightfully be called a BIG shopper.

Free sewing instructions: Big shopper with big embroidery design

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