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Sew a T-shirt with elastic thread.

No overlock – no coverlock – no twin needles? You can work with stretch fabric with the new thread Mettler Seraflex.

I noticed the announcement and want to test it.

So here we go!

What do I need:

  • A good T-shirt pattern
  • Stretch fabric
  • Mettler Seraflex thread in the right colour, for bobbin and spool.
  • My BERNINA 710
  • A jersey machine needle

Let’s start:

I cut out the pattern and take marks for darts and sleeve top.

I sew the darts, the sleeve seam, one shoulder seam and the backseam. While sewing, I stretch the fabric a little.

And I like the result:

Next, I need a 3,5 cm wide tape, to fold in two. This must be sewn to the neckline.

A standard length for the tape is about 80%, depending on the kind of stretch fabric you use. Be sure to cut it a little longer, in case you need to redo it and it could be too short.

Do not stretch the tape equally along the neckline. Watch the shirt: the more straight the part of the neckline, the less you need to stretch. The more curved the part you’re working on, the more you are stretching. This is especially the part in the middle front of the shirt. I pin both parts together and keep a seam allowance of 0,7 cm.

And I start sewing the tape to the shirt. I take the open embroideryfoot 20 and guide it along the side.

After sewing and checking, I topstitch the seam with the edgefoot nr 10 .

Now it’s time to close the other shoulder seam.

Next I sew the sleeves and I finish with the bottom seam and sleeve seams.

I fold the seam over and sew two parallel lines.

Ready and as promised: no overlock – no coverlock – no twin needles!

Oh, how I like a colourful shirt, I can take it to work on fresh spring days.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Material: Cotton jersey, Mettler Seraflex elastic thread
Used Products:
Reverse pattern foot # 1
Reverse pattern foot # 1
Edgestitch foot # 10
Edgestitch foot # 10
Open embroidery foot # 20
Open embroidery foot # 20

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    • Bea Callemeyn

      Hi Connie, on the site of the Amann-Mettler-group, there is a searchfunction to find dealers worldwide. I hope it can help you. Some deales have webshops too. Good luck!

  • Marian Capper

    I’ve never used stretch fabric on my 770QE . I gave lots in my stash but I’m confused re which stitch to use . Obviously I need a stitch that you stretch with the fabric . Thanks

    • Bea Callemeyn

      Hi Marian, I just used a straight stitch. It works well, because the thread is elastic by itself.

  • tlhorton

    Good info; thanks for sharing.  Looking forward to using the Mettler Seraflex thread on knits when it becomes available in the US, or find an international friend who’s willing to ship to Texas.  So far, none of the vendors that work with my Bernina dealer are aware of it.

  • Barbara Gilbert

    Where does one buy the Seraflex thread in the US?  It doesn’t even show up on Google!

    • Bea Callemeyn

      Hi Barbara, if you visit Amann Mettler’s site, you can ‘search for dealer’ and enter your state in the USA. I suppose you could contact your dealer for ordering. Succes!

  • Sophie Robert

    “En vervolgens ga ik stikken. Hierbij gebruik ik de open borduurvoet 20 en geleid de stof langs de rand van de voet.” => What does it mean?

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