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Sewing summer dress – free pattern and instruction for the dress “Florence” (only in May)

The team of our magazine “inspiration” shows you how to sew a light and full embroidered summer dress. Pure boho look! You will receive the pattern for free and you can download it as PDF.

Like last time with the circle skirt, it’s time to be fast again! The pattern for the summer dress “Florence” is available until the end of this month (31 May 2020). You can find the download link to the pattern in the article below.

Missed the free download?

You want to sew the summer dress but missed the download for the pattern? No problem! In the shop you can order the magazine as single issue (incl. printed cut sheet) and have it delivered to your home. Just click on the following link:

Sewing a summer dress – the dress “Florence”

The dress “Florence” is our must-have dress for the coming summer! The casual cut is decorated with beautiful flower embroidery and Spanish hemstitching on sleeves and hem, the dress is a real eye-catcher. The free pattern is available in sizes 36 to 48.

The summer dress is from the inspiration Special 2018.
In the edition it was combined with a bag, with flowers on the front of the bag. On the cover of the magazine you can see the combination of these two sewing projects.

The “inspiration Special 2018” is completely dedicated to the motto “decorate and embroider”. This applies not only to the fashion world, but also to home decor.

Download pattern dress “Florence” (only in May 2020)

You can find the pattern here:

The link leads to the BERNINA website. There, after registering for the BERNINA inspiration newsletter, the pattern will be available for download during the month of May.

Extract ZIP file with pattern

After downloading you will have a ZIP file. After extracting this file you will have two PDFs available:

  • Sewing instructions with information on materials, cutting and sewing process
  • Pattern in A4 format for the sizes 34 to 48, which you can print out and stick together with your normal printer at home. Make sure that you print the pattern with the setting “original size”. Use the control square on page 1 to check that the printed pattern is the correct size.

Usually, download files are automatically loaded into the downloads folder, but this depends on the operating system, the device used and your local settings. If you download with your smartphone and cannot find or unzip the file, please try with a desktop computer.

Embroidery design for the summer dress

We have provided the summer dress “Florence” with a lot of flower embroidery to underline the boho look. The designs are from the OESD online shop:

At OESD you can find the embroidery designs by searching for “Flores de Mexico” or with the collection number 12351. You can find the shop by clicking the following link:

OESD online shop

We wish you a lot of fun with sewing! 🙂

Best regards,


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