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Caps, from drab to fab with the Bernina Bravo

How to be creative with the Bernina Bravo when it comes to embroidery on caps

Being creative when it comes to caps is easier than than you think.

When creating an embroidered cap one tends to go to the standard run of the mill boring cap with a two dimensional badge like design in mind.

With the Bernina Bravo you can reach limits beyond your expectations if you start opening yourself up to creativity.


Satin cap


Firstly choose an interesting cap, with an unusual fabric.

I went with a high domed satin cap, as it has a very luxurious feel to it.

This is an important decision as you have to keep your end consumer in mind.

My vision for this cap is to be worn with a hoodie, leggings and high heels for the fashionista on the go.


3D puffy foam design

Puffy foam placement


Once you found the perfect cap, you have to think of a design, try to stay away from your mundane badges!

We have all seen it and it will not make your product a desirable item.

As our clients loves our logo i opted for oversized branding in a 3D puffy foam.

By doing this you will draw immediate attention when wearing the cap and it also turns it into a  fashion item immediately.


Final product

Final product


The outcome is really great! a high fashion item made in the comfort of your own home.

The Bernina Bravo is your all in one go to embroidery machine when it comes to being creative.

The sky is truly the limit! You can even take your design further by working on embellishments such as beads, crystals, and you can even outline the design with a thin chain!

I always say: what makes your product different from the rest? Always keep this in mind when being creative.

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Free instructions: Embroidering a cap

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