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Sew a kimono – free sewing pattern and instructions for the “Kiara” kimono (August only)

We’re offering you another free pattern from “inspiration”. This month we are providing you with the pattern and instructions for a kimono for us to sew together.

As with last month’s “Simone” wrap dress, you’ll have to act quickly again! The pattern will be available until the end of this month (August 31, 2020). You can find the download link for the pattern below in the article. 

Missed the free download?

Are you too late, but you still really want to sew the kimono? You can find the pattern in our online shop:

Sew the “Kiara” kimono

A kimono completes any outfit. Whether they are worn as a long blouse, a light coat or a dress, kimonos are highly versatile.

Especially now in summer, a kimono made of light viscose fabric is the perfect companion for mild summer nights. 

Issue 74 of inspiration

The “Kiara” kimono is from issue 74 of inspiration, where it also features on the cover of the summer issue. You can see the cover of inspiration below.

The sewing instructions for the clutch with appliqué cherries can also be found in this issue. The appliqué cherries are backed with foam and are made from toweling and plush fabric. This creates a great 3D effect.

Are you interested in the complete issue? If so, you can easily buy the single issue in our online shop:

Download the pattern for the “Kiara” kimono (August 2020 only)

You can download the free sewing pattern for the “Kiara” kimono at the following link:

The link takes you to the BERNINA website. The pattern is available to download during the month of August after you register for the BERNINA inspiration newsletter. 

Unzip the zip file with the pattern

After downloading, you will have a zip file. In the extracted folder you will find:

  • Sewing instructions with information on materials, cutting out and sewing
  • An A4 size pattern for these sizes 36 to 48. You can print them out on your regular printer at home and stick them together. Make sure you print out the pattern using the “original size” setting. Check the test square to make sure the pattern has been printed out in the correct size.

In the article about the “Grace” pants, which was offered as a free download in February, some readers commented that the download did not work for them. Therefore please note that clicking the download button will automatically download the zip file to your computer. You will have to unzip it to access the PDF pattern for the dress. In Windows, you do this by right clicking on the file and clicking on the menu item “Extract all”. On a Mac, you can unzip zip files by double clicking the left mouse button.

Downloaded files are generally automatically put into the downloads folder, but this depends on the operating system, the device used and your local settings. If you download the file on your smartphone and cannot find the file or cannot unzip it, please try using a desktop computer.

Missed the download?

Do you want to sew the kimono, but missed the download for the pattern? No problem! You can order the magazine as a single issue (including the printed pattern) from the shop and have it delivered to your home. Simply click on the following link:

Have fun and good luck with your sewing!

Best wishes,

Free sewing pattern & instructions: Kimono

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  • Nadia Borba

    If somebody gets problems like mine (during August), just follow the link but, instead of clicking the button, there’s a link underneath it that says “download without subscribing”. That worked and the zip file was downloaded.

  • cacofonia

    Hi. This download is not working for me. I got the July dress just fine but, this kimono from August is not working. I go until the end, put my email, but nothing happens. I tried creating an account but also, nothing is dowloaded or even sent by email. What can be wrong? Thanks Nadia.

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