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Redesign in no time: from a jeans to a bag

At first sight, it could sound like a very classical make-over. Redesign in no time: from a jeans to a bag

I have a creative project in my mind, to sew with variegated yarn in a spiral. This will be an eyecatcher on the bag. Not classical at all!

What do I need?

  • An old pair of jeans
  • Mettler Denim Doc thread to sew the bag.
  • Mettler Transfil nylon thread (if you’d take a different brand of nylon thread, check at first if you can iron it).
  • Variegated yarn
  • Stabiliser (I took a water soluble stabiliser)
  • A keyhanger and ribbon in a matching color. Take a long ribbon, if you’d like to use this bag as a cross-over model.
  • Embroidery hoop.
  • A label?
  • The lockmachine BERNINA 460 and my trusted BERNINA 710

van een jeans naar een tas

So, let’s start to turn the jeans into a bag:

Cut the legs of the jeans in 2 equal rectangles:

I overlock all edges to prevent fringing while working on it. I sew the rectangles to one bigger rectangle.

After pinning the soluble stabiliser, I iron the rectangle in the middle and fold the short sides a 4 cm over. It’s a coincidence that I have two nice squares now. I put a pin in the middle.

My project needs to be hooped in an embroidery hoop, to stay stable.

In the middle I start sewing the spiral on the bag, with the nylon Mettler Transfil. A narrow zigzag is very suitable. With the overlockfoot, I keep a good view on the work, and I can guide the wool in it, which is a very comfortable way to sew. When finishing the spiral, I stop on the ironed line in the middle of my fabric..

If you ‘d use very thick wool, you could also use other presser feet: braiding foot gebruiken.
When the spiral gets too big for the hoop, I cut the nylon thread and the bobbin thread (but not the yarn). Now it’s possible to take away the hoop.

Leave more or less space between the spiral lines, by adjusting the distance between the stitched lines. Go over the previous circle, or take more space.

I noticed that the color change doesn’t come as quick as I thought. I started in green and it changed to blue. It doesn’t give a visible contrast.

van een jeans naar een tas - wolgaren

To be sure of a brighter color, I cut away a part of the yarn and I start the second spiral.

I think this design is really fascinating. I feel sorry to have to sew it to a bag.


Finishing the bag

I can wash away the soluble stabiliser before finishing the bag. I fold the fabric in two halves, right sides together.

One side seam is sewn. The top edge gets a biaistape finish. It is practical to use the bias tape accessory nr 87

van een jeans naar een tas - redesign

Now I can sew the other side seam. If you ‘d wish to use a label, don’t forget to place it in between the side seam.

Cut the keycord to fix it to the fabric, on top of the bag (a little less than an inch from the side seam).

van een jeans naar een tas

I use the open embroidery foot nr 20, to sew the upper fold to the bag. See how nice you can guide along the edge?

van een jeans naar een tas - redesign

Sew both sides of the bag together, with the shoulder tape in between. Presser foot 10 (the edge stitch foot) is very useful for a neat finishing.

It’s finished:

van een jeans naar een tas

This one is finished successfully again! It was fun to redesign in no time: from a jeans to a bag.

Did you ever think of a fun redesign project? Please, show it in our Blog Community or show it on social media, with the hashtag #BERNINAredesign!

Redesign in no time!

Free sewing tutorial: From jeans to bag

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time to Complete: Weekend
Used Material: embroidery hoop, keyhanger, Mettler Denim Doc, Mettler Transfil, old jeans, ribbon, wool, yarn
Used Products:
Overlock foot # 2
Overlock foot # 2
Edgestitch Foot #10
Edgestitch Foot #10
Open embroidery foot # 20
Open embroidery foot # 20

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  • Debbie Tyber

    Nowhere is the number 10 foot referenced but I do see it. Instructions are not the best.


    • Bea Callemeyn

      Debbie, I only saw your reaction today. My excuses I forgot to mention the foot nr 10. It is used, where you see the picture with foot 10.” Sew both sides of the bag together, with the shoulder tape in between.” This is where foot 10 is the ideal presser foot to sew a neat finishing. I hope this still helps you.

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