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Sew a box-cushion with foam filling

I want to sew some box-cushions with foam filling, for the children to go out for a picknick on these last days of summer. This is a really easy tutorial to sew. I made it on the BERNINA 710, this machine is quite similar, this machine is similar to others in the 700 series.

How to find out how much fabric I need:

I want my cushions to be 35 x 35 cm. I cut the foam pieces 34,5 x 34,5 cm, to have a little extra space for the seams and to prevent from deformation. 

As the filling is 1 cm, I need to count this extra cm in the surface of the fabric. 35 cm + 1 cm for the foam, + 2 x 1 cm seam allowance, makes 38 cm. I need this for both sides. To work easily, I cut it on fabric fold, that saves a 2 cm fabric. The fabric I need, should be 38 cm  x 74 cm and I took a water repellent fabric.


  • For each cushion of 35 x 35 cm (and 1 cm thick): 38 x 74 cm fabric
  • Mettler Seralon sewing thread,
  • A sharp needle,
  • 1 cm foam (34,5 x 34,5 cm
  • Standard paper
  • Optional: 22 cm tape for a handle.


Let’s start:

I fold the fabric over, right sides together and pin it on the seam allowance. Of course I take the pins away before sewing the seams. Only sew over pins when you put them cross the seam.

On the opposite side of the fold, I mark a 15 cm line to leave an opening. This is necessary to be able to turn the work afterwards.

So, don’t sew where you see the curved line.

I sew both side seams and part of the side opposite to the fold with a larger stitch (I took stitch length 3).

Now, I need to cut away the corners.

Cut away the corners.

I fold the corners over, check if seam or foldline match.

The line shows you where I will sew.

I draw a 1 cm line across the corner.

This short line needs to be sewn, to give a volume to the cushion. With the open embroideryfoot 20 it is possible to have a clear view on my work. I stitch over a piece of paper to prevent the stitches from constricting my fabric.

When the 4 corners are ready, I can turn the cushion. Can you see the volume?

I roll the foam, to enter it in the opening. Will you make this type of cushion again with a thicker foam? The thicker the foam, the larger the opening needs to be.

I put it in the corners, and it’s almost finished now…

I pin both sides of the opening, and sew it.

Would you like a handle? Put it in before sewing the opening..

Do you think it is difficult to put it in? You could as well sew it in a sideseam (place the ribbon on the inside, between the right sides of the cushion, while pinning).

Now I can sew the opening, on the edge of the fabric. With the edge stitch foot nr 10 I can easily follow the side.

Yes, the cushion is finished!

We are ready for the picknick!

Let’s go outside, on these last days of summer.

Enjoy it!

Free sewing instructions: box-cushion with foam filling

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Material: 1 cm foam, Mettler Seralon thread, Water repellent fabric
Used Products:
Edgestitch foot # 10
Edgestitch foot # 10
Open embroidery foot # 20
Open embroidery foot # 20

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