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Appliqueing with delicate fabrics

How to applique with delicate fabrics

Appliqueing with delicate fabrics seems like a daunting task,

but it really is much easier than you think and it creates a fresh new take on this popular technique.

The Gert oversized shirt is one of our most popular items and the Bernina Bravo makes it possible

to create these shirts in our very own studio.

The Gert oversized cotton shirt

Here we have created an applique with a delicate stretch mesh on 100% cotton



Melco software

Step 1:

Load your design on your Melco software.

this software is extremely user friendly!

Step 2:

set your auto tension to 2



Step 3:

Layer your fabrics, and use 2 layer of tear away backing to make sure that your project is extra secure.

 We have used a stretch mesh as the top layer as it adds some transparency which just pushes the whole look over the edge. 


Cut away the excess fabric

Step 4 : 

Press start, and let the Bernina Bravo mark out your design.

Carefully remove the frame from the machine and start cutting away the excess fabric.

Appliqueing with delicate fabrics are easier than you think.


Tip: We always find stretchy fabric easier to work with when it comes to appliqueing.

        It allows you to cut as closely as possible to the marker by stretching the fabric just a little while you cut.


Final step

Step 5

Carefully place your frame back into the Bernina Bravo to finish off your design.

Appliqueing with delicate fabrics is as easy as that.


 The finished product is really striking yet delicate. 

The transparent mesh really does give traditional appliqueing a whole new makeover.

The Bernina Bravo makes this process really easy, even for beginners.


Visit to see more of our work, and what else is possible?

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